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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 48 of 192. 'rhe errors of the Logged data compared to the Manual readi:n<;Js for the above test are summarised in Table 3.3 (see Reference 18 for data). Comments 'rhe resul ts from both remote site and pump test observ,3.tion bores have generally not been within specification of th.e instru..rnen ts . Al though this performance level has not met initial expectations, the magnitude of these discrepancies may be, viewed as acceptable Iilhen it is considered that they are generally in the order of 50Irilll or less. However I the overall reliability of all systems has been unacceptably low. The accuracy results are consistent with a 1989 U. s. report on a brand of pressure transducer jelectronic logger (Reference 9), which found system errors similar to those quoted above, and recommended that frequent check measurements were necessary ~lhere accuracy was important. The tests \\Tere carried out OVl3r a 17 month period in 50mm observation bores. Two of the eight pressure transducers installed failed over that period. That report also found that "Potentiometer--Float" transducers (which have a variable resistor attac::led to a float) using the same brand of logger were consideral)ly more accurate than the pressure transducers. Problems with both the hardware and software were experi enced in many trials. The sofb"are problems were most C01IUnoEly in cOI1lI11unication betw'een the laptop computer and the sYStEHlIS. How,ever, the logger programming errors were also detected. Trialling of the nominated systems indicated that considerable familiarity is required of field operators of equipment to achieve successful continuous operation, and accura te resu l-ts.