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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 64 of 192. Liv) Flowneter. In terms of suitability, the instrument is considered adequate although bulky and heavy. It requires a constant and stable platform on which to be established for the duration oj' the test. The set up procedure needs care to ensure the offt.ake tube from the piezometer is completely bled of air and that the appropriate relative height measurements are recorded. 't,~en used _"ith either of the trialled loggers, an external power supply is required to boost supply to within the recommended operational voltage range of 12-42V. of the instrument is also recommended. Shading (v) Barometric Transducer. The only operational problems foreseen involve the calibrating process if the transducer is used in conjunction wit.h the Mindata logger. Power loss or resett.ing of t::1is logger will result in complete loss of the contents of Dhe ROM. Therefore, correct and accurate calibration may not be adequat.ely achieved in the field due to the small pressures which need to be applied to effect the recalibration procedure. pressure should still be However, monitored changes ~n barometric and recalibrated uSlng Bureau of Meteorology data at a later date. The transducer is require care to ensure not it waterproof is isolated and therefore will from all potential sources of moisture. recommended for use. A temperature and wind shield is also 4.1.3 Other Factors (il Hindata 3500 Logger. The available memory in this logger is 131071 bytes. At a logging interval of 30 seconds, it will use approximately 85000 bytes per day if all channels are i~ctive. It will therefore accommodate approximately 1.5 days of logging before downloading is necessitated. When downloaded to ASCII form, the total storage requirement is about 422050 bytes. The logger provides an option to query the memory usage of at any instance.