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Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System



Electronic Data Collection and Analysis System


Yin Foo, Des; Foley, Margaret


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Report ; 39/1992

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Technical Report WRD92039 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 76 of 192. "Torrens" (and Cherryville) and "Wesdata" package was developed and encoded by Dr. Lindsay Brebber in the computer language specifically wl:itten with the processing of systems. The John Doherty and 'TURBO C++, and test pumping and water level monitoring data in mind although it is adaptable to any time se:ries data (Reference 5). As an evolution model its modular design was desired to enable further additions and modifications to be made without major program changes. This flexibility will allow adaptation to different logging systems and the manipl:lation of data to produce any desired output format. 'DATl1AN and LOGIN' is a two stage processor. 'LOGIN' enables conversion of the logger output to a general time series form. 'DATMAN' is utilised to perform data manipulation and smoothing routines. The resulting data is a continuous tim,= series describing water level movements for the period of interest. fo1any mani.pulations may need to be applied to the generated raw data to produce a meaningful and useful data set. These routines are described in the 'DATl-!.A..1\i and LOGIN' manual. The resulting manipulated data is then suitable for archiving or for irrunediate use to aid in field interpretation of data to hand. More specifically, graphical and formatted data may be produced as a visual aid or can be directly applied by a variety of computer analysis packages. )l..ppendix D contains an example of data manipulation using 'DATMAN' . 5.3 Data Proce8sing Existing Lnformation to be installed on the data base is confined to historical test pumping data. In this case, the raw data form is in time series format and ready for direct