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East Alligator district centre water supply assessment : Kakadu National Park



East Alligator district centre water supply assessment : Kakadu National Park

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D . Pidsley


Jamieson, M.; Pidsley, D.; Paiva, Jerome


E-Publications; E-Books; PublicationNT; Technical Report ; 26/1991




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Water-supply -- Northern Territory -- Kakadu National Park; Groundwater -- Northern Territory -- Kakadu National Park; Kakadu National Park (N.T.)

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Power and Water Authority

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Technical Report ; 26/1991


1 v. : ill., maps ; 30 cm.

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Technical Report WRD91026 Viewed at 15:07:48 on 29/07/2010 Page 18 of 107. The system curren'tly relies heayily on operator input for starting bores, checking the pH correction unit, checking leyels in storage tanks etc. Unless 'personnel can be dedicated solely to the task of operating and maintaining the water supply system, a~tomating part of the system and remoYing unnecessary part of of the system ( such as the pH correction) is recommended. The generator at the bore site runs on diesel and 500 L of diesel are stored in an oyerhead tank adjacent It is not good practice to store diesel within a to the potential for pollution of the groundwater the generator. borefield due source. Also there is a disused bore (RN 20637) next to the overhead tank which further increases the risk of pollution. A flow test was conducted on the section of main between RN 23449 2.2) . and the eleyated tanks near the ranger station (see Table Over this length of main (1084 m of 50 mm PVC) 4% (0.08 Lis) of the flow entering the main was not accounted for at the tanks. This is ei~her a loss from the system or due to an error in measurement. Regardless, this level of losses is quite low and indicates that: this section of main is in good condition. There does appear 'co be problems due to leaks at yal ves how'eYer. On 4 December 1990 a 0.04 Lis loss was measured from a leaking valve at the bore head of RN 23449. There was also a report from Australian C"nstruction Services concerning a severe leak from a valve (and also a PVC pipe in the ceiling of the ameni ties block at Merl 2 which had been punctured by rubbing against a Tek screw in the roof) in late October 1990 which caused a depletion of most of the storage in the system. Inspection for lea,king yal ves, fittings, and pipes should be undertaken regularly. Before water enters the 45 kL and 49 kL tanks from the main bore field (not RN 20480) it passes through a pH correction unit which is required to dose the water with liquid caustic soda. The purpose of this unit is to reduce the acidity of the water, and hence increase the life of the galvanised tanks and pipework in the system and copper pipework in the houses of the station. However, this unit does not appear to work. This is 005HJ