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Katherine Groundwater Investigations, Cretaceous Sediments near the King River,1985.



Katherine Groundwater Investigations, Cretaceous Sediments near the King River,1985.


Yin Foo, Des


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Report ; 3/1985

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Technical Report WRD85003 Viewed at 14:07:03 on 29/07/2010 Page 34 of 45. REGISTERED BORE NUMBER 20509 20527 22747 23424 DEPl'H (m) 78.0 57.60 28.08 81.3 DYF:TJ:79 04:REP4 TABLE Al: INTEBPRErATIVE IJJGS OF BOREHOLES INTERVAL LITHOIJJGlCAL DESCRIPrION (m) 0-12 Brown and white clays 12-30 Brown sandstone and clays 30-42 Grey sandstone and clays 42-48 Brown sandstone 48-60 Brown sandstone & black clay 60-66 Black and brown clay, sandstone, cavities 66-72 Sandstone and sand 72-78 Black and brOlVrl clay 0-6 Br(J(Vrl and white clay, gravel, quar'-c.Z 6-24 Br= clay 24-42 Brown sandstone and clays 42-54 Br= sandstone and shale 54-57.60 Br= clay and sandstone 0-8.40 Laterite, brown, grey, yellovl claystone 8.4-14.5 Coarse yellcw siltstone, yel1cw & white cemented sandstone 14.5-20.6 Brown, rredium to coarse p=rly cemented sandstone 20.6-21.3 Hard grey & pink claystone 21.3-27.7 Light brown sandstone, (rredium to coarse sands) & gravels 27.7-28.08 Hard brown siltstone 0-3 Laterite, red clays and silts 3-24 PUrple white & ye1lcw claystone llOttied and layered, minor laterite Dark yellow clays, minor white claystone 24-27 Light and dark yellow sandy clays 27-36 Dark yellcw clayey sandstone, minor white clays, light yellow clayey sands 36-51 Friable sandstone, rredium to coarse grained, rounded pebbles 51-57 amber to brOlvn rredium sandstone, yellOW sandstone COMMENTS Drillers Log 0-72m Klm 72-78m Cmt(?) 2 Lis @ 72m Drillers Log 0-42m Klm 42-57.6 pbt 0.5 Lis @ 4lm 2 Lis @ 47m Drillers Log; 0-27.7m Klm 27.7-28.08m Pbt 6 Lis @ 17.9m 9.5 Lis @ 20m 10 Lis @ 23m 12.5 Lis @ 24m 14.2 Lis @ 27m 0-57m Klm 57-75m ant (7) 75-81.3m CIa 1.5 Lis @ 56m