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Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures



Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures


Handmer, John; Smith, D. I.; Greenaway, Mark


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Power and Water Authority

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Alice Springs


Report ; 53/1989

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Technical Report WRA89053 Viewed at 03:02:00 on 18/02/2010 Page 28 of 139. "h'" ~a...,,-, ....... ~ty _~ '-..- .ll ~...; _ ~ :nspected by :he progerty 12 of prope~t~es ~ith overfloor floodiGg were qual ~&~o~ ~, .. 'c'e~s Tn ~liC'" Spr'nas ~u~'n "_< ... .:.. _ _ __ ......, .... _ _ _. _ ~ r__ _ '- _. -' "" '- ~ is cons~=~c:ed on =:d river deposits and the -rssip' ;'~ty of snnu-;n~ o~ ~c"rc'at'ons 'n seve-o F1nrc's :-,U _ "':"_J.. '-U .1..._ ~ .;. _ 'u.; ...:.., r"':"1. ... ~ ..... ...:..'-''-'' , may result in mc=e w~despread s~r~ctural damage. It IS recomme~ded that this problem is further investigated. :amage to the g=o~ncs of p=operties showed more Ja=lat:~n. Fences were frequently damaged and, 1n o~e l~stance, da~age occ~rred ~o a pool and associated fil:er "::,,,'-u i p'"e""'" (;:r"""e o''no-s "rc...,.-o connern"'d o"e- rh'" c'a'"ag'" -n -_o!_':ll'~ ...... v.\L ", __ ...... '-_ .... "V ..... ,,~ __ ~ lil __ 1...'-' ,-. -= gardens, especially to plants a~d so~etimes to top sOll. partic~:ar significa~cef in a=eas with limited prior flood ~xperle~ce anc ~o e::eC~l~e ~a=~:ng, is damage to cars parked o~ garaged at residential p~e~ises. The Alice Springs sample illustrates this point with the majo~ity of households movi~g cars ~o flood ~=ee loca~ions while others suf~ered damage; in G~e case to :h=ee cars at o~e address. The ANU?LOOD prog~am allows for =amage to grounds but does no~ include vehicles. Th~s is because areas with flood ~xperie~ce and an adequate warni~g rarely suffer suc~ losses. :abie 2.3 i~dioated wnich ~ouseholds undertoo~ aCtlO~S tQ reduce damage. The ~ajcrity of ~hose with overfloor f:ooding attempted to red~ce damage. This included lif:ing ItemS, especially small electrical appliances, but in many instances also involved efforts to stop the flood waters ~~~ering the proper~y. A~~empts were made using towels or Jcher ~aterials to seal door openings. Such actions are Jnly of value in ~hose cases where the flood exceeded ~he floor level by a ~ew ce~~i~etres. Two of the surveyed househo~ds used sandbags for si~llar purposes. What is "'so"'cia11y sign'=;ca~"" ~s -'at ,..,n1y t,o o~ t- 0 e rhi~teen _ ~ ,.!" __ _ ,.!".:.._ :.:... _ '_1~ ,-,._ .... ... ~.. 1.... .... _ : proper~ies wich water !:mi~ed to the grounds of t~e proper~y ~ook a~y act~on whatsoever. \ .n general these actions ~o reduce damage would have been futile for very slightly i~creased flood depths. The general response was :0 attempt to stop wate~ entering tne house, this is only success~ul when overfloor flooding 1S ve~y shallow, although it may allow more time to lift ite~s. Greater emphasis on lifting household items or removing the~ :otally from :he property ~ould be the recomme~ded 9rocedu~e. It is also i~portant to note thae lifting o~ qoods is also restricted i~ that if the flood exceeds 2 ~etre or so even lifted items a~e likely to be affected. Further guida~ce on ~easures to ~educe damage could be included in she warning brochure and incorporated with [cood 'warning messages (see Part 3). The period of =esidence at the flooded location va=ied from a ~ew days to 26 years. The distribution of length of residence is civen in Table 2.4. Of the 28 householdS, 12 (43%) ::ad bee;. resident fo~ ~ore than five years. ~~is ~s significant as they ~il: have experienced the Alice Springs flood of 1983 which was only slichtlv less severe than that: of 1988. It should be note~ tha~ mu~h of the resldencial I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

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