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Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures



Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures


Handmer, John; Smith, D. I.; Greenaway, Mark


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Power and Water Authority

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Alice Springs


Report ; 53/1989

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Technical Report WRA89053 Viewed at 03:02:00 on 18/02/2010 Page 34 of 139. , 0 Wl-n 'n'cl' --oun~ and F'~~C' ~~~~~-s "e ra ~r'ai~a1-y '~. '<'-I .;.. 'j_ ....... ...._vv . ~_'j .. _ w _~ ...,' _.../ ,j _..!.. ~stimated and problems ~ith fit~i~g ~a~~emat~cal curves to ~~e flood surface do not have the prec~s:o~ ~o preclsely ~stlmate numbers of prope~ties fl~oded. I~deed, :he ma~ch )f the field st~dies and ~he ANU?:OOD o~t?ut sugsescs t~at che la:ter has slightly overestima:ed the number o~ res:den:ial properties t~at had c-:erfloor flooding. ~owever, this overestimatic~ is i~ pare countered by ma~y proper~les exper:enc~ng ~looding ~=om ~rban dralnage sl_lrcharge. What is very clear fr=~ this informacion, 1$ t~a- "ery small 'nc-eases ,- ~1~~~ ~e'-~- ove- -he '988 _ .L \,... \I I .:..L.J,. _I.; __ V'-"_ .J. _'::; ~ ... L... .l. levels would greatly increase the numbers of reside~tial and ~ommercial ence~p=ises t~at ~ould suffer flood damage. Heights in excess of 0.5 ~ec~e over the 1988 ~looc would -nlv ~e -ear~e~ i'n Qxceerl~~gl" r--p r-l--c's ~', ~...., _ '-". ..... . '-" ...... _.. _ y _ c _ ~ \....' v . Flood Damages These ~ill be presented as estima~es of di~ect a~d indirect losses. In each case the residen~ial a~d commerclal sectors \o;ill be presen:.ed sepa::-ately. ':'[:e conrr.ercial sect.o::includes da~age :'0 the contents a~d st::-ucture of all ~on residentia~ buildings. I~:.a~gible damages are covered in Pa~t 3. Direct damage, ~esidential :or the res~dentlal sec-:.o::- the direct ca~age, expressed as actual losses, is esti~ated to be Sl, 650.000. ':'his corresponds to a~ ave~age of approximately S8,000 fo~ each residential unit :.ha~ eXDer~e~cec over:loor floocing. Allowa~ce has been made for da~age to =he grounds of properties c~at did ~ot have ove::-:loor inundatio~. Direct damage, commercial This is based upon the int.erview ~nformation, a su~mary ,~$ given ln Table 2.5. Lengt~ of occupance is set out in Table "2.6. Analysis of the detail of c:-.e da:nage f~om the individual forms indicates total damage of abocc 5540,000. This includes losses to buildings, con:ents and grounds. A limited nu~ber of s~all retail ou~lets, located at the fringe of flood~ng, we~e not included in the co~mercial interview survey. Allowing a~ es~imate for damages to t~ese premises, an overall sum of 9600,000 for direct damage to commercial b~ildings and contents within the main Alice Springs area is recommended. It is st~essed that wind and rain damage a~d urban storrnwater surcharge were widespread beyond the area of direct flooding ~rom :he Todd River. These damages are excluded but were large. :or examole, O:le of the maj:Jr ent.erprises, :"':0. 5 in Table 2.5, is a ~ajor ~odern hotel. The damage it sust.ained is ~ot. a result of river ~looding but a combination of storm damage and ~rban drai~age surchar~e. T~e hotel is consldered to be above tte level of any major flood likely -'". t->, " I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I

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