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Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures



Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures


Handmer, John; Smith, D. I.; Greenaway, Mark


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Power and Water Authority

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Alice Springs


Report ; 53/1989

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Technical Report WRA89053 Viewed at 03:02:00 on 18/02/2010 Page 54 of 139. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,=c~~o~. :)ppo~tunities for flood warnings aLe ~herefDre "lui:e li~ited. There have been thirteen ItsignificaDt'l floods ~ec0rded at Alice Springs this century. Flood hazard management In ~ontrast ts che rest of Australia, local governmeh= ~~ rn' - ~1,...,....t,-"",p""'n 'T;:"lr...-i '-,......-,..-0' ha~ l'm'ted oO"'er-s T" has r"~' ,-,-: _yO"~ -.~. '- >;;:: 4\1V ..... _ ...... _..:- '- -~--',"-1 .. ..;:) .1....1.- _ ,~ .1..-.1- 1'_' , ___ ..:.. ,.7CL p.la:-:ni:1g power or rolf? in floodplain development. Til;.:: "lC>r T-lr-' ..... r ( .. '~'-Twr'1rn~r';-- co~trols pla~ninrr ma'nl l ' I-'nrr~<'''''';''' ;------'- - - ~'-" .1 ':J._.y,_~. i-""=".~ ~L _ ,~._ ~ - ...!. t i Li '...)'-'-'-1.1 ,_.~~ i'i, ....... r:-l-'ePl ;'e-:--~--i .... .-r t > P1aI1"; n,' Authr'lY"1 .... \' Tn th" __ (;r_", _'i ...... _'-l~ _. ____ ...... v 1 _ ...... "-~"=' _~ ,_-, __ L.j_ _ _ .., concentraClon of Dower at one level of government shouij ;:;imp.l..ify :nat;:-.e~:::; and help ensure po.1.1cy implement2tio;-;. aut l this does not apgear to always be the case. l~ 1350 the Terricory Government adopted an interim floodplair1 policy an~ establi-shed d Floodplain Management Commic~ee co d~velop the policy flJrttler and to oversee implement3tion. Eo',.;ever, :::-;etween 1980 and 1988 the Committee was On1\l '---'~r-ri;j1i'._' =t-;:~'''''''+-l''re and D~Oq~eSS w'rli-h Dolicy ..,e"el ............ m-~n". ;;;,.----,..:j p' .... - ..... ,l...<..,_ -..r '_ 1.. ,-,,_,L " _ .... _..... ~'- _ ~ ~ U." .L'..lt-'.l,_ .'_ '~~l'.J, ilnplen!ent3tion was limited, although there was progress ~~~h c" . d' h - ... :~OO~ mapplrlg an wa~nlng systems. T e reasons ror cnlS si_tuation relate mainly to lack of continuity within the ddrninistration noJat.son, 1988) .. Over the last fe~v '{ear:;: ::t1':2 r -co-n-~~lp vl'~i-~~r has chang"c"' tn' are has benr a nu~~'-- ~F ~v""J t~.l.U __ ~~ .. ~_'::'L.t::._ _ '<..;;, t-_.. ~~1.~ l; ...... ~..:::_ ',~'~ 'l'~FF~ren~ oe"p1e respon~~h'e for "'nal'~l'ng t'n~ ~loo~-plai" . __ ... ____ t v ____ ';:'~J..:I--I.. '-' _~,. t,- _ ' .. ~ __ ~, ~~!anageme!1t. Committee; and organisational char.ges have r,;-:;'Js-d the ~vate!: ?,esourCeS Group through four differer;t dt?part::lc::cs or autho~ities. Si~ce the Easter 1988 flood che Commictee dppedrS ::'0 have agai:1 become very'active .. The policy specified that new areas for developme~: '.-iere ~o he sit<>c' a-oov= the 1-1 no Flood l"'ve' -nFi' 1 ...... "-' _ ,w:;::;; _~ _v ... _ -... _..La. .L.L J..._~.:. development was to_ have floor levels with 300mm fr'2eoo2rj abo".re the Hdesignat.~d flood n This ~,.;as incorporated iD::O the Northern Territory Building Code. However, ac the =ixe of the study the t'designated flood tt had yet to be formally proclaimed [or Alice Springs, although it appears that :he 1:100 flood has been used. In addition, there is no flood related zoning for the CitY4 This helps to explain rece~: cievelopment along Barrett Drive (which runs along the oastern bank of the Todd) _ Some of this development is t"aised, such as the ~loreat Villas subdivision, but some i~ at natl_lral ground level and flood prone. This contir:ues ~lle histocical trend of encroachment up to the edge of the ~lVec channels. Aborigines and flooding ~n Alice Springs ZihO~-;,,-r1 n -~ J ._ ..... ' - -':1-'."-- "Town c-amps" .0J::;criginal pec?l.e 1i'J8 in C(H1'..rp.nt~1'.)nal f10USiflQ G.!'sc:~:,::::'.:-::-.,: __ :,: ~hr~uqhouc :he ~ownr and in tOWI1 (~dmDS both wi~11i~ 3nc ~~ the outskir'(s ~f Al~ce Springs. Many of che l'cown :~~ps" :"13V>2 hcusi._c'Q i_~:-ljts ,.:;ul'_2ble fot' p.xr.ended family O,--::CL:Dt::.:..~--::-:

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