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Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures



Flood Warning and Damages in Alice Springs: Part 1 Executive Summary. Part 2 Tangible Damages Part 3 Intangible Damages & Emergency Procedures


Handmer, John; Smith, D. I.; Greenaway, Mark


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Power and Water Authority

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Alice Springs


Report ; 53/1989

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Technical Report WRA89053 Viewed at 03:02:00 on 18/02/2010 Page 71 of 139. Views on the brochure: interviewees residential and commercial ~iews abouc t~e broch~re a~e in ~wo ge~e~al =a:egcr~es: those wno see i~ positively and those w~ase =omme~ts are ~ot posltive. lLrcost all (90%) of those who saij that t"ey had :o'"'":-t the broc.'1ure claimed to have ::ead is. ::owever, it ~s 6992.renC fro~ both types of comments tha: wt~le people may "ave looked at the brochure they had :-tot read or u:-tderstood rouen of 1::. Positi.ve comments concentrateci 0:1 ~ene:-al aspects of the broch~re. Two ~hirds of those resoc~dinc :0 t~e question (37 responde~ts) tho~ght that-L~e b~ochure was 1'1Jseful", although many of these people ~ad ~egative comments as l .... ell. People making t.hese comr:le::.ts effip:J.asised t~at the broch~re was a good idea because it reminded them 0f ~he flood problem, and because it looked good. Some dld say that they found t"e b::ochu::e clear and :-tet too long. Negative comment tended to focus C~ par~icular details o~ the brochure, although a few ~esponde~cs s2ld that it was "useless" or chat it would be ~=eated li~e j~~k mail and ignored. Unfo~~u~atelYI the fact that ~early half our interviewees did :-tot recall seeing the b~och~~e, suggests that ~any people did treat it as junk mail. Many mentioned points chat tjey felt should be covered, wh:=n are already in the b:::-oc:1.ure, indicating that parts of che brochure are not clear enc~gh (or that people are not readlng it closely). :nterviewees also suggesced ~~provements. One respondent. cor.Dented on the appa:::-en-c. coc:plet.e absence of warnings as described in the brochure. ~requently ~ade ':OC1.C1e"ts concerned the need to show "drainage" flooding problems (b6th because of the need to show flood-free access, espec~ally to the evacuation centres, and because t"e flood map may create a false sense o~ security by not s:'1owi:-tg chem) . The i~terviewee samples above are not representative of the Alice Springs populacion, but are drawn from those most affected by flooding: people who would be expected to be most incerested in the brochure. Views on the brochure: other groups Broadcast medla The media reD=esenta~ives interviewed were a~are of the I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I brochure, b~~ had not examined it close~y. ~hen asked co do I so, the ger.eral comments were that it ~eeded to be :nore "catchy", and t..o have less writir.g, i.f l~ was to be '..1seful to the General public. The modern cons~mer does not generaliv have to work to obcain informa~io:-t. I I

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