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Bore Completion Report RN 29012, RN 29013, RN 29090. Stuart Highway and Delmere Road Production Bores.



Bore Completion Report RN 29012, RN 29013, RN 29090. Stuart Highway and Delmere Road Production Bores.


Moser, A.


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Technical Report WRD94031 Viewed at 15:07:29 on 29/07/2010 Page 12 of 34. WATER RESOURCES DIVISION TEST REPORT - BORE RN. 29012 Bore Locat ion: STUART HIGH"i"iAY. Map: GORRIE 1:100,000 Sheet: 5567. Grid Refe~enc~: 987 - 108~ Client Pu:r-pose T & ~'J. ROADS. ******~****~**~***********************************************~*************** RECOMMENDATION. P~ping Rata, 10 LIs. Pump Setting: 55 m. For alternative pumping rates or settings contact "General recommendations are on the reverse side. In all correspondence please quote bore RN 29012. ft.,later Resources. Sasco House, Dar.'lin NT. **********************************************************************~******* BORE DATA. Test Date: Test Rate: Finished depth: 121.3 m. Completion Date~ 3/12/94. Standing \"later Level: 41.6 m on 10/1/94. Construction details: Test Duration: Interval. Description. 0 - 7.1 m 254 rom ID steel casing. 0 - 58.6 m 207 mm ID steel casing. 58.6 - 121.8 m 203 mm open hole. Notes; 1. Top of casing as constructed was 0.45 In abOVE! ground. 2. All dept:-:.5 are measured from natural ground level. 11.1.94. 18 Lis. 4.3 hrs. 3. Test rates are not indicative of safe long term pumping rates. ~iAR-N'ING: MINIMUN INT~F_I\j;'..L BORE DI.lH'1ETER IS 203 nun. M:ININUH INTSRNAL BORE DIAME1'ER TO RECO~wr.ENDED PUNP SETTING IS 207 mIn. ********~~*****~*********************************************************** COMMENTS. 1. The above recorrunendations are based on an extended step test at 18 Lis for 3.3 hrs and ~ssurne hydrological conditions remdin const~~t. 2. Provision to monitor ""vater lev.els and obtain water samples 'while pumping should be incorporated \-I{hen equipping this bore. 3. This bore is capable of higher yields. For further advice contact 7t"later Resources w *************************************************************************** WATER ANALYSIS. No 93/94/0724. Prepared by: P.REES 3111/94 Checked by: A MOSER 14.2.94