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Bore Completion Report RN 29012, RN 29013, RN 29090. Stuart Highway and Delmere Road Production Bores.



Bore Completion Report RN 29012, RN 29013, RN 29090. Stuart Highway and Delmere Road Production Bores.


Moser, A.


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Technical Report WRD94031 Viewed at 15:07:29 on 29/07/2010 Page 28 of 34. WATER RESOURCES DIVISION TEST REPORT - BORE RN. 2901 2 Bore Location: STUART HIGm~~Y. Map: GORRIE 1:100,000 Sheet: 5567. Grid Reference: 987 - 108. Client Purpose T & N. ROADS. ***************~***~*****************~**~*************~*********************** P.ECOMl1ENDATION. Pumping Rate: 10 Lis. Pump Setting: S5 m. For -a.lcernat i ~le purr,ping rates or setcir..gs contact !General recommendations are ';:,n the reve:-se side. In all correspondence please q~~te bore RN 29012. Water Resources. Sasco Heuser Darwin NT. BORE DATA. Test Date: Test Rate: Finished depth: 121.8 m. Comple,:-ion Date: 3/12/94. Standing ~'late:::, La-:;el: 41.6 :n c'n 10/1/94.. Construction details: Test Du~at: i.:;)n: Interval. o 7. i.. m o - 58.6 m 58.5 - 121.8 m 254 rn.tn 207 rrml 203 :run Description. ID stee~ casing. ID st~el casing. open hole. Notas: 1. Top -:;f c.;!sing as constr".J.cted \<."as 0.45 m aoove ground. 2. ~;"'.ll depths are measured from natural ground level ~ 11.1.94. 18 L/ s. .; ,3 h~-s. 3. Test rates are not indicative of safe long term pumping rates. WF_R.NING: H':NIM'"\,.I~! I~TE~.NA.L BORE DIAt1ETER IS 203 ltL1TL HINI~u""M INTERNAL BORE DI?.;.'1ETER TO RECO~n-1ENDED PlJ}1P SETT:NG IS 207 mm. COMMENTS. 1. The a~ove reco~mendations a~e based on an extended steo tes~ at 13 Lis for 3.3 hrs and assume hydrological condit ions remain consr.a..nt. 2. Provision to monitor water levels and obtain water samples while pumping should be incorporated when equipping this bore. 3. This bore is capable of higher yields. F-::r furthe:r advice contact rtIater Resources. ****~****************w*~***************************************.*********** WATER ANALYSIS. No 93/94/0724. Prepared by: P.REES 31/1/94 Checked by: A. HOSER 14.2.94