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Ipolera roads bores, bore completion report rn 16879,16880 & 16881.



Ipolera roads bores, bore completion report rn 16879,16880 & 16881.


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Technical Report WRD96078 Viewed at 15:07:17 on 29/07/2010 Page 43 of 49. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FINISHING, OPERATING AND PROTECTING GROONDWATER BORES P,~t.tent ion the bore resou!:"ce. the following pOints will ensure a long and safe life for supply and help prevent pollution of the ground',,;-ate:::: 1. construct. a concrete apron around the bore head to surface flow, seepage and waste from entering the bore. prevent 2. 3 . 4. 5. 6. Seal the space bet'rtleen the casing a..nd pump equipment to prevenc. entry of vermin; dirt and pollutants. Maintain pumping equipment in good order to prevent pollution. Prevent spillage of fuel a..:."1.d oil on the groli..Tld around the bore. Store fertiliser and other chemicals at least 50 ID away. Keep stock away from the bore head. Discourage domestic activity at the bore. The first tap on the pipeline should not be less thar- 5 m frem the bore head. Purnping the bore a higher than recommended rates may fork the bore leading to instability or pump mainten~~ce problems. Seek the professional advice of an hydrogeologist. or groundwater engir..eer~ If the bore is no loncer required, the casing is to be ::-e..rnoved or securely capped and the bore backfilled with clayey material. A ca~ent plug may be required in some instances. IN ADDITION, please ensure that the BORE ID~~IFICATION TAG is retained securely at all times. The registered bore number is 'Vlater Resources Division's only reference to the scientific and engineering data on this bore, ar:d he~ce importa'l1.t to lNRD' s further advice to bore Oi."m.ers. BORE LOCATION ~;p I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I