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Floodplain Management Policy, Alice Springs Report by the Alice Springs Floodplain Working Group



Floodplain Management Policy, Alice Springs Report by the Alice Springs Floodplain Working Group


Verhoeven, T. J.


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Dept. of Transport and Works

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Alice Springs


Report ; 37/1983

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Technical Report WRA83037 Viewed at 04:02:48 on 18/02/2010 Page 6 of 14. , __ I l .~ J I ; -, -, J , -. 1 3.2. 3.2.1. 3.2.2. 3.2.3. 3.2.4. 3.2.5. 4 . LAND USE TYPES The interim Flood Plain Managenent Policy stateS:II' . ~ ....... 1 . ~ - th Cne~lcaLs, pe~ro sum proauc~s ana 0 "er substances .... etc. Iay not be sto=ed on land liable to floodingl'. In the Working Group's view, this sectio~ requires greater qualification especially bet,.;een distribution and storage areas. i) ii) iii) As it is difficult to quantify flood warning times, Alice Eprin~s cannot rely on a long lead time for large scale evacuation of areas liable to flooding. As stated, the maximum assured warning would be of 2 hours duration from a telemark station at ~.;rigley Gorge on the Todd River (only 7 km upstream of the town) '. The small lead time directly reflects on the type of evacuation plan ~o be implemen ted and on the st=uct'..:ral requirements of buildings, as people could be caught in buildings for a period of time before they we~e able to be rescued. It is agreed that the flood protection plan should be coordinated through the counter disaster group. The i:l't.erim policy states that !lpub:Lic places! .. ~. should not be located on la~d liable to flooding lt The T~orkir:.g Group feels this section should be redefi~ed to state that public places within land liable to flooding shall be permitted to ce const=ucted provide the buildings are e~gi~eer~ngly designed and constructed to withstand flood forces. It could well be that the design of such buildings would include self s~fficient kitchens, etc above the QIOO event. This would allow rescuers to devote ~ore tiEe to persons in danger. The Working Group is of the opinion that Caravar. Parks should not be located within the floodway and that existinc oermanent amenities should be made floodp~oof. Access should be provided to quickly evacuate campers within time allowed for w2r~ins. Many services including the hOsDital, fi~e brigade, police station and amlJulaDce station are currently located within the land liable to flooding. Planning should ensu~e that future services are located above the floodline.