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West macdonnells Living Area Bores 163.1 RN 16816,16817,16818 & 16819.



West macdonnells Living Area Bores 163.1 RN 16816,16817,16818 & 16819.


Paul, R.


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Technical Report WRA96079 Viewed at 02:02:15 on 18/02/2010 Page 36 of 45. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I WATER RESOURCES DIVISION DEPARTMENT OF LANDS, PLANNING AND ENVIRONMENT TEST REPORT BORE RN.16817 Bore Location: West MacDonnell National Pa=k Client: ll..borigir..al Lands Branch I DLPE Intended Use: Potable water supply Map: He~sburg SF 53-13 Grid Reference: 249714 E 7384106 N ***********************************************************~********************* RECOMMENDATIONS . Pwnping Rate: 0.2 Lisee Pwnp Setting: 91.1 !tl belo'i.v Ground Level. General sustain Further !"ecoromendations are given on the reverse side. nl.gner pumping ra~es with deeper pump settings advice can be obtained from: The aauifer and bore can or for short periods .. '\-later Resources Bra..T1Ch r Nth Stua:rt Highway I ]'.LICE SPRINGS, NT., 0870 (!n all correspondence please refer to bore's RN number) ********************************************************************************* COMPLETION DETAILS Finished depth: 123.05 rn Completion Date: 05/03/1997 TESTING DETAILS Standing ,':;ater Level: 36.02 m on 06/03/1997 Test Date: 06/03/1997 Test Rates: 0.2 Lisee Test Dura~ion: 25 hours BORE CONSTRUCTION Interval (m) 0.0 - 5.7 0.0 - 93.95 93.95 120.05 120.05 - 123.05 Description 203 rom ID blank steel casing 152 ~ blank steel casing 152 rom slotted steel casing 152 rom blank steel casing WARNING.: Mini1nmn internal bore diameter is 152 lIml .. Notes: 1. Top of casing as constructed was 0.55 m above ground level. 2. All dept~s are measured from natural gro~~d level. 3. Test rates are not necessarily indicative of sustainable long term pumping rates. ********************************************************************************* COMMENTS The above recommendations are based on a constant rate test at 0 .. 2 Lisee for 25 hours a~d ass~~e hydrological conditions remain constant. Provision to monito!:" ~wate= levels and obtain ... V'ater samples should be incorpo::-ated when equipping the bore. A ~"iater meter should be fitted. The ~#L and total depth of the bore should be recorded each tL~e plli~pi~g equipment is removed from the bore. *~************************~!****************************************************** WATER QUALITY TDS 651 mg/L at end of CRT (07/03/1997) Prepared by! B Paul l:oreea ta