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Batchelor water supply development study 1985.



Batchelor water supply development study 1985.


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Report ; 68/1985

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Technical Report WRD85068 Viewed at 15:07:30 on 29/07/2010 Page 15 of 58. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I No significant growth is expected in the existing caravan park because of site limitations. Planning is under way for a 100 unit motel with an estimated peak capacity of 200 people. Approval has yet to be granted for this development. The first stage of the project - comprising 20 units should be completed in 1986 and will provide for a guest population of approximately 40 persons. 6.2.4 Related Development: A number of additional permanent residents would be attracted to the area to work in the various facilities and their possible ancilliary facilities. Allowances for this increase is included in the relevant population summaries below. It is not envisaged, however, that industrial development of any significant nature - with respect to water demand - will take place in the Town. 6.3 Compounded Population Projections : The critical times to consider with respect to the design of the water supply system are the periods of peak demand. The nature of the predicted growth of Batchelor's population is such that a large percentage of the population will be transient and peak demands will occur at a time when both the resident and transient population demands coincide. Summarising the two population divisions : 1985 1986 2000 Resident: 515 550 960 (applying the Territory growth rate of 3.7% to the 1985 population and adding the college staff growth to this figure) Transient : College: 200 (again applying Tourist: 15 Total . . 215 270 the Territory growth 120 390 450 rate) 450 900 TOTAL : 730 940 1860 These figures represent percent on the resident the total population. a compound growth rate of 4.1 population and 6.4 percent on 11