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Batchelor water supply development study 1985.



Batchelor water supply development study 1985.


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Report ; 68/1985

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Technical Report WRD85068 Viewed at 15:07:30 on 29/07/2010 Page 31 of 58. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 11.0 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR NEW WORKS AND MAINTENANCE It is recommended that new work undertaken on the system be conducted in three stages, providing for immediate works, works in conjunction with the construction of a new reservoir and pump station, and future works as may be indicated by ongoing monitoring of the system's performance. 11.1 Immediate Works: Construction of a new reservoir could not be expected before 1987 and there are a number of alterations and additions required to be made to the system, which are extraneous to the construction of the new reservoir and pump station. These items have been identified as Stage 1 in Figure 5, which outlines the recommended works. Firstly, it is recommended that a number of small pipes in Nurndina Street be replaced as shown in Figure 5. There is also a section of 100 mm diameter GI pipe remaining in Pinaroo Crescent and it is recommended that this be refllaced with 100 mm diameter PVC pipe. It is also recommended that the old tank and the disused chlorinator be removed from the town centre bore compound; that the timers on bores *5 and ~6 be replaced with timers that do not reset after power interruptions; that any known existing galvanised service connections be replaced with PVC connectons; and that the level marker and the recorder on the existing reservoir be calibrated to the same reading to avoid confusion. 11.2 Works in Conjunction with New Reservoir: With the construction of station, it is recommended new pipe be installed. the new reservoir and pump that a number of sections of It is also recommended that a 300 mm diameter PVC delivery main be constructed from the existing reservoir site and connected into the reticulation system as shown in Figure 5. This section of work is shown as Stage 2 in Figure 5. 11. 3 Future Works : Once Stages 1 and 2 are further works required on subsequent to these stages the town and the performance operational, there will be the system. However, work is reliant on the growth of of the system. It is Stage based therefore recommended that the changes shown as 3 in Figure 5 be made as they are required on decisions made on the performance of the system. 27