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Batchelor water supply development study 1985.



Batchelor water supply development study 1985.


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Report ; 68/1985

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Technical Report WRD85068 Viewed at 15:07:30 on 29/07/2010 Page 10 of 58. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I The equipped capacities of the pumps are slightly less than the recommended pumping rates for production bores given in Reference 14.4 and reproduced below. Note that Bore #3 (RN 8372) is not recommended to form part of any pumping regime. Recommended Pumpinq H<'lte~ f(ir I'TQducLiun Bores Production Bore RN 8822 9127 20616 20720 20722 Note: The regimes (Lis) fur Regime ABC D E 17 12 15 15 12 5 12 12 22 20 18 18 32 30 29 29 listed above are A - Production bores p~~Fed by themselves B - Production bores RN 8822 and RN 9127 pumping C - Production bores ~~ ~0720 and RN 20722 pumping D - Production bores RN B822, RN 20720 and ~~ 20722 pumping E - Maxim~ exploitation of existing production bor~s 4.6 Town Centre Compound : Bores *2, ~3, and ~4 are located within a single compound in the town centre. The compound contains an unserviceable chlorinator, installed when Transport and Narks assumed responsibility for the water supply approximately five years ago, and a disused 20,000 litre elevated steel storage tank. The tank stand is approximately 10 m high, and the tank and stand are in dangerous states of repair. This equipment should be demolished immediately. The stand is pictured in Plate D. 4.7 Fire Hydrants: During 1985 type 3S750 completed. the change-over of all fire hydrants from Screwdown to Millcock type hydrants was Locations of hydrants are given in Appendix A. 6