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Rum Jungle Mine Rehabilitation : Treatment of Whites & the Intermediate & Opencut Waters.



Rum Jungle Mine Rehabilitation : Treatment of Whites & the Intermediate & Opencut Waters.


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Report ; 7/1986

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Technical Report WRD86007 Viewed at 15:07:26 on 29/07/2010 Page 8 of 35. I I :1 ::1 III ' .. ~ . :.: .. ~, i' i " ... ' .. i.:.l rei 0~1 oJ it' ... r , ~ .. '. It !J :1 _t 4. FE0IVERSION OF TH:S EAST FINNISS RIVER 4.1 The effect of River Reaiversion on the Q~ality of W~ites Open Cut Water. On cornpletion of treatrr:ent the East Finniss F.i~7r ',,",'as pa:::'~'::"2.1l! red i '.lertec to flow th=ough bo't.:t i1hi. tes arta In termBdiate O~en Cu ts. '7:h-e purpose c the redive..rsicn was to prov':'c~ a !'<,ec::2~isi\ fc:a~nual flushing of the OpAn Cuts to guare agai~st t~e pcssi~ility of long term rep0111Jtion anc also replace 'dater i:; t~e OPP71 Cuts containing high dissolved solids with ri~e~ wa~er. he0 a pH of apprcxima~ely approxin~tely lEO. wet 5e~SCG t~e inElo~ins ~~','~r and a specific cGnd~ct~~ce C! Mixing in the Open C~t has occurred to a depth of approximacely 1.5 :::et_re~SI with a prcr,cuT":c-e:-: re<l1Jc-::'io!1 ~. n the co~ce0.t.~atio\, 0': :-:,e majo.: ions, calc=-".E7l, ~etres. The pH of t~E m2gnesiu~ a~d ~~lphate ove~ ~he to; top 10 metres ~a3 also been =e~~cej ~hst of tha inflowir:g river. ?he inf 1,o';o.' of rive":: ','-later has not causeri mixir:":d and untreated water u~likeJy to OCCU-l:' fer Tests indic2.'::.e the fc~seeatle future. mix~ng 10 ':he variation of majcr ior: -conce~::ra;:lor:s! t.~o=e t.rBi2:~f::1t, after treat~ent and after rediversion of the river are 5hcw~ i~ Tables ;' . 5 (i) - A .. 5 (iii) a:<d in G=aphs 3.2. (a) - 3.1 (f). 4.2 The Effect of the River Rediversion on the Quali~y af ~~e IZ";termediate Open Cct Water Tbe outflow fron Nhit.es Open Cut was partialJy redivertf:'d to :1<:);...' i.nto the Intermediate Ope;; C:.::t:. ,::',gaJ.n, nixing has been effE'ctive over the first 10 "metres, t, .. ;he:-e a large reduction in dissolved solids (2ainly calciuQ masnesiu~ and sulphate) is evident. Tables A.6 (i) - A.6 (iii) show a small increzse in hea"''''''"''i liietal concentrations at lower depths (35 - SSm) since co~pletion of trl5:'~tncnt. 'r', ',' --.;'".