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Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6



Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6


Jackson, D.; Paige, D.


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Report no. 12/1979

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Technical Report WRD79012 Viewed at 00:02:46 on 18/02/2010 Page 14 of 153. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I 6 2. HYDROGRAPHIC DATA 2.1 General This section summarizes and discllsses the rainfall, streamflow, evaporation and impoundment data relevant to the reservoir behaviour studies. A more complete summary of the rai!lfall and streamflow records in the Alice Springs Region has been prepared by Hug (1979) 2.2 Rainfall The recording of rainfall records commenced \iith a European settlement at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station in 1873. The first full water year of records - September to August - was 1873/74. In 1931, the recording site transfered to th site of the original town Post Office and is at present at the Post Office site in Hartley St. Monthly records are available from 1873/74 to the present - 105 years in all. In addition, there are several daily read raingauges in the Todd River Catchment - see Huq (1979). There are also pluviograph records at Bond Springs in the Todd River Catchment, at th~ Water Investigations Office in Alice Springs immediately below G.S. 006009 Catchment and at Mt. Lloyd in the Charles River Catchment (Figure 1). Based on the 105 years of rainfall records, the mean rainfall per water year is 281mm with a standard deviation of l55mm and a lag one serial correlation of 0.14. Ride and Cutler (1967) and Macqueen, Tongia and Verhoeven (1976} have both analysed the rainfall records available at the times of their reports. Attention is drawn to several points. Table 1 shows the water year totals since streamflow records commenced at Gauging Station GS006009, Todd River at Wills Terrace. 1964/65 is the second driest water year on record. The driest year, 1901/02, which had only 31mm was preceded by a year of 245mm and followed by a year of 356mrn.