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Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6



Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6


Jackson, D.; Paige, D.


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Report no. 12/1979

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Technical Report WRD79012 Viewed at 00:02:46 on 18/02/2010 Page 34 of 153. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 18 3.5 Historic Streamflows. As was stated in section 2.3.1 there are no usable historic reco"ds of flow at the damsite. Records of flow are available from G.S. 006046 upstream and from G~S~ 006009 downstream of the darnsite. Section 2.2 indicates that the period of streamflow records include two extreme rainfall-paterns a nine year drought and a ~ive year wet period. Using all four stations: G.S. 006046, G.S. 006009, G.S. 006126 and G.S. 006047 an attempted corre~ation of runoff volumes with catchment area for each month was round to be ineffective. The additional effect of the Charles River inflow at G.B. 006009 was removed using records at G.S.006047. All of the graphs showed a great scatter of points. This is attributed to at least two reasons (al the non uniform spatial pattern of storms and (b) large infiltration losses in the river channel. An unsucessful attempt was made to find a consistent relationship of the relative sizes of floods as they progress down the Todd River. Being unable to determine a satisfactory area - runoff relationship the historic flows (m 3 /month) at the dam-site were taken as the average o~f those at Wigley Gorg~ and Wills Terrace~ In order to do this it proved necessary to complete the records at both stations. This was done starting at September 1960. In many months although the "record for the whole month is incomplete this incompleteness is due only to 2 or 3 days of no records. By examining the flow during those days at the other stations it was possible to estimate the flow which probably would have ocurred on those 2 or 3 days. For the rest of the month the flow volume is known and hence the monthly flow volumes is estimated.. In cases where records for the whole month, or a substantial part of the month are not available or are unreliable, or where both G.S. 006046 and G.S. 006009 do not have records 1 use was made of records at G.S. 006126 and G.S. 006047. In many cases, by examining the records at Charles River and Heavitree Gap and rainfall records it was concluded that no flow occurred for the period of no records~ However, the other cases it was obvious that substantial in flows did occur and for these times it was necessary to estimate the flow volumes. A correlation between monthly rainfall at bottt Alice Springs and Bond Springs witb flow volume/month at both G.S. 006046 1 and G.S. 006009 was developed. Using the monthly rainfall, an estimate of the volume of runoff for the month of no records is obtained.