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Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6



Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6


Jackson, D.; Paige, D.


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Report no. 12/1979

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Technical Report WRD79012 Viewed at 00:02:46 on 18/02/2010 Page 41 of 153. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II 23 4.2 Results Using Synthetic Streamf1ows. Curves of the availability of area, volume and elevation as simulated with the synthetic flows are shown in figures 11,12 and 13. Each graph shows the behaviour at different spillway levels and give the result found for the months October to March. The curves describing behaviour for April to September are similar. For low drafts of 0.0 , 0.5 and 1 Mm'/year, median val~es of area, volume and elevation are full dam levels. As the drafts increase very close to median values For 75% of of to to area, volume and elevation decrease. the time, area, volume and elevations corresponding the low drafts are always above those corresponding half the dam's capacity. With the primary spillway level at 594 metres A.H.D. (Figure 13) area, volume and elevations corresponding to the low drafts are above 80% of the full capacity for 75% of the time. The flatness of the curves is attributed to the small capacity of the dam - 5.1 Mm 3 for a spillway level of 594 metres in comparison to the stream flows i.e. mean annual flow volume for the 105 years is 12.1 Mm3. median annual flow is 7.8 Mm!. 4.3 Results vsing Historic Streamflows. The result of the dam simulation uSing the historic flows were found to be very similar to those of the synthetic flows~ These results are summarized in figures 11,12 and 13. 4.4 Results Using Statistically Generated Streamflows. These flows were used in the dam simulation for two combinations of drafts and spillway levels and verified the results found for the synthetic and historic flows.