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Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6



Alice Springs recreational dam hydrology report project 6


Jackson, D.; Paige, D.


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Report no. 12/1979

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Technical Report WRD79012 Viewed at 00:02:46 on 18/02/2010 Page 55 of 153. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 34 2. DATA 2.1 introduction FieJrl ~ata is very sparse. Suspended load measurements were made on two floods in March 1965 and on three floods in early 1979. All measurements were taken at G.S. 006009. One measurement of bed load was made in 1979. Permanent ranges have been established between G.S. 006126 and the dam site for long term monitoring of large scale changes in channel morphology. The locations of the cress-sections arc shown in figure 1. Throughout the sediment section of this report a distinction is mddc between suspended sediment and bed load. suspend~d sediment consists of fine particles, typically having a particle diameter less than 0.06 rom. In the Todd catchment most fine particles would be classified as silt with a small proportion (10%) of clays. Bed load comprises larger particles which move along the river bed by sallation or rolling. An individual bed purticle alternates between being at rest and in motion on a random basis. At any observation t the overall impression is one of net particle transport although individual particles may have changed from a moving to a cest state or vice-versa during the observation. A distinction should also be made between sediment transport capacity and the actual sediment load. Transpc)rt capacity is a measure of the sediment that could be transported for a given river section and flow rate and assumes that the sediment source can adequately supply sediment at the rate of transport. In fact, the actual sediment load can be less than the transport capacity because of an inadequate supply of sediment. The rate of suspended sediment transport is very dependent on the availahility of fine particles within the catchment. On an alluvial river bed where there exists a large source of bed load material, sediment txarlsport capacity is a reasonable estimate of actual bed load. TotaJ sediment load comprises both suspended load and bed load.