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Lucy creek excision, bore completion report dlh- rn 16283.



Lucy creek excision, bore completion report dlh- rn 16283.


Matthews, I.


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Technical Report WRD93047 Viewed at 20:02:32 on 17/02/2010 Page 17 of 18. o i 1. i I 1 WATER RESOURCES DIVISION POWER '''0 WKIER - TEST REPORT - BORE RN. 16283 Bore Location: Client: TSB Intended Use: Map: 8uckitta Grid Reference: Lucy Creek Excision Domestic 53642379 7506613 ******~************************************************************************** RECOMMENDATIONS Pumping Rate: 0.3 Lis Pump setting: 38.0 rn below Ground Level. General reco~endations are given on the reverse side. The aquifer and bore cannot sustain higher p~~ping ~ates with deeper pump settings or for short periods in. Further advice can be obtained from: Water Resources Branch, Nth Stuart Highway, ALICE SPRINGS, NT., 0870 (In all correspondence please refer to borefs RN number) **************************.****************************************************** COMPLETION DETAILS Finished depth: 48~1 m Completion Date: 20-08-93 Standing 'V7ater Level: 25.40 m on 20-08-93 BORE CONSTRUCTION Interval {m} TESTING DETAILS Test Date! 20-08-93 Test Rates: 0.5 Lis Test Duration: 6 hours Description 0.0 - 6.2 0.0 - 30.8 30.8 - 37.1 37.1 - 48.1 204 rom ID bl~~k steel casing 155 rom ID blank steel casing 155 rom ID slotted steel casing 155 ~~ ID blank steel casing YIA..~ING: Minimum internal bore diameter is 155 rom. Notes: 1. Top of casing as constructed \.;as D. 5 m above ground level. 2. All depths are measured from natural ground level. 3. Test rates are r.ot necessarily indicative of sustainable long term pumping rates. *****************************************************************~*************** COMMENTS The above recorr~e~dations are based on a constant rate test at 0.5 Lis for 6 hours and aSSQ~es hydrogeological conditions remain constant. Provisio~ to monitor water levels and obtain water samples should be incorporated when equi9ping the bore. A '{later meter should be fitted 'Co the bore. The S~~ and total depth should be recorded each from the bore. "" .... ~me pumping equipment is removed ********************************************************************************* WATER QUALITY Not yet available Prepared by: I Yl:attnews boredata APPENDIX C