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Drilling completion report, newhaven excision. Dlh-695



Drilling completion report, newhaven excision. Dlh-695


Ellis, D.


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Power and Water Authority

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Alice Springs


Report ; 29/1989

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Technical Report WRD89029 Viewed at 15:07:01 on 29/07/2010 Page 7 of 16. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 3. WATER QUALITY Water conducti vi ties, fluoride and nitrate levels we re taken during the drilling of RN 15463 along with one sample for comprehensive analysis. was taken during the final stages An additional sample of the pump test. Results of the pump test sample comprehensive analysis are presented in Table 1. Analysis results for all parameters tested meet potable criteria (NHMRC guidelines 1987) bar Nitrate. Nitrate levels were measured at 55 mg/L which is 10 mg/L higher than the rcecommended limit for infants of 45 mg/L and may present some problems to infants (methaemoglobinaemia). Fluoride at 1.5 mg/L exceeds the level recommended for reduction in dental caries (0.6 0.8 mg/L for mean maximum daily temperature of 29C); there are however no adverse health effects with levels up to 3 mg/L. 4. WATER DEMAND The exact number of people expected to inhabit the excision is unknown but it is expected to be a rather small community of say 20 to 40 people. A supply of 1 Lis will be adequate given a demand of 350 litre~ per capita per day and 4 hours pumping per day. This demand should be more than adequately met by Bore RN 15463 which was pump tested at 6.56 L/S for eight hours.