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Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works



Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works


Marquardt, A.


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Date:1983-12; Contains: Floodplains Management Alice Springs Impacts of Todd River Flooding. Also filed in Alice miscellansous collection A0342, A0343.



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Dept. of Transport and Works

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Report ; 1/1983

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Technical Report WRD83001 Viewed at 14:07:22 on 29/07/2010 Page 18 of 64. ) d t e 1 n 3. JU~CTTON CREEK SITE The Junction Creek site was discounted in the 1960's on the grounds that it would cost considerably more than the Telegraph Station site, and did not provide a comparable storage size. Recent re-examination confirills this. However, it probably represents the best potential alternative recreation lake site on the Todd River to the Telegraph station. ( a) Hvdrology The site is two kilometres upstream site, and has a catchment area of 360 from 1:De Higley Go::cge , 'l ' square Kl ome-c.res .. If maximQ~ possible advantage were taken of the site, it might be possible to provide a surface area corr,parable to 1:.ne Telegraph Station site (say 90 hectares) Eowever, this would provide only about half the corresponding flood mitigation effect. _~.Al.ternativelYI it may be possible to achieve flood mitigation ::,..:-approaching that offered by the Telegraph Station site / but in this case the surface area would be reduced to around 50 hectares. (b) Recreation Potential "'~" ---->-~ ... '-;~:';-,~:';cif c;the design favouring maximisation of surface area (as ,0 !]i~~~~,~:~<=<',~:~ to flood mitigation) were adopted, the surface area ~' recreation might be comparable to the Telegraph Station. HClw<=ver, the hillsides around the site are relatively steep access to the waters edge \-!ould be limited. Site Geology ;is no record of geological survey having been si te.. However, in view of the geology o r it is unlikely that there Vlould table difficulties. and sp~llway options conducted the area be any ,order to take maximum advantage of the site, considerable ~U"-,", on saddle dams and spillway works would be reauired, as Telegraph Station site. The dam wall itsel:f would be or cost-- consideration, being over t'\,.;ice the length of Telegraph Station dam.