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Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works



Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works


Marquardt, A.


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Date:1983-12; Contains: Floodplains Management Alice Springs Impacts of Todd River Flooding. Also filed in Alice miscellansous collection A0342, A0343.



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Dept. of Transport and Works

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Report ; 1/1983

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Technical Report WRD83001 Viewed at 14:07:22 on 29/07/2010 Page 25 of 64. (e) cost No serious cost estimate has beer. made. rlowever, the cost l'iOuld probably exceed most of the other alternatives in view of: the probable need for a concrete dam the need for some 7 kilometres of access road, traversing rugged terrain and many small creeks". (f) Siltation preliminarY observations of the catchment area indicated that the sedime."lt yield of the river is likelv to be lmoler than that of the T;<id. Em,ever, no detailed studies of sedLrnent concentration or catchment condition have been carried out. Ploo<i Mitiaation " (g) The site is some 10 kilo~etres ~pstream from D ' . th ~. .<:'..I-h d -' 1 1 epeno1.ng on e c.eslgn O..l.. '- e am anc Sp~ __ \'lay T Ivlupa taka. some small flood mitigation benefit might be expected. (h) Irrigation Use of the lake water for local ~andscaping would be likely. No more extensive use could be e~Yisaged. (i) Downstream Effects The only significant downstream effect would be local scour, unless a high-level storage were built. In the latter case, dOl"lnstream flow would be virtual2.y cut off. This could have deleterious effects on seve~al kilometres of river enviro~mentalf but no study has been conducted In this regar<i. (jJ Sacred Sites inspection with the central Lands council in identify any sites of significance which Imule. HO\.lever f no further action has been taken on A prelimina:::y 1977 failed to be affected. this matter. (k) Other Environmental Issues No other issues have been raised or considered. (1) ~1anaqement options No consideration has point out that as the reasonable to assume management. 11 :ANDYS been site that given to this subject except is on l'.boriginal Land it would Aboriginals would be involved to be in