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Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works



Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works


Marquardt, A.


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Date:1983-12; Contains: Floodplains Management Alice Springs Impacts of Todd River Flooding. Also filed in Alice miscellansous collection A0342, A0343.



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Dept. of Transport and Works

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Report ; 1/1983

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Technical Report WRD83001 Viewed at 14:07:22 on 29/07/2010 Page 41 of 64. I 55-20C 55-20C 69/3124 55-20C Station (Faulks) obstacles A preliminary geo logical report on "Cue Telegraph (National Park) site by the res~cent geologist dated 24 Februarv 1965 states that there are "no in the way of construction of an earth damn. As a result of the depletion of the Town Basin, groundwater exploration was carried out in order to find a supplementary source. This led to the establishment of production bores in the Mereenie Sandstone, some 13 kilometres south of Alice Springs. pumping comlnenced in 1964, and interest rapidly waned in the groundwater resources of the Town Basin. Withdrawals for public reticulation from the Town Basin were phasea out within two years, except for a period in the late 1960's when the available Mereenie bores could not cope with the demand (Hacqueen, 1976). (The Hereenie Sanastone remains the source of water for Alice Springs toaay.) This state of affairs of course diminished the justification for a dam for recharge purposes. The result appare~tly was that after 1964 there was some controversv bet~ ... -een those who believed that there was no justification for the dam and those who believed it could still be justified - such as by increasing the safe yield of the grou~dwater resou~ce to aid agricultural development. The minutes of a meeting of Hater Resources Branch Officers hela in early 1965 inclcate the following in respect of the pro?osal to construct a darn at the Telegraph Station. Purpose: the Town to be a To increase (by river regulation) \,ater supply to Basin and so make available cheaper water and also safeguard against the failure of the Hereenie Bores. Minimum Size Requirea! 400 ac feet (500,000 cubic netres) Siltation! Recognisec as the major problem; controls mus~ be developed; catc~~ent protection was essential; further studies were required; the dam should be gatec. Cost Estimate: 25,000 pounas An article in the tlCentralian Advocate" of 16/6/65 Quotes \ the Administrator as saying that "aetailed survey wor;< has ~ finished for the proposed damsite at Alice Springs to help ~ recharge the Tov,rn Basin" and that f1the results were being ~ studied" . it -, The report on the proposed dain (Forbes, 1965) was completea :3 on 9 July 1965. -. , A minute dated 6 September 1965 from Groundwater (H.F. Eggington) to the Resources, says in effect that the dam view of the Mereenie supply. the Senior Engineer : Director of Water-: . is not warranted in 11 :ANDYS