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Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works



Inquiry into the Alice Springs Recreation Lake : submission by Department of Transport and Works


Marquardt, A.


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Date:1983-12; Contains: Floodplains Management Alice Springs Impacts of Todd River Flooding. Also filed in Alice miscellansous collection A0342, A0343.



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Report ; 1/1983

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Technical Report WRD83001 Viewed at 14:07:22 on 29/07/2010 Page 46 of 64. \1P!9/13 A letter of 9 February 1973 from the Director of Hater Resources to the Assistant Administrator referred to the studies on the Jay Creek sites. It stated that recent work had established a new ground,vater source for Iwupataka, and therefore the dams must be considered from the recreational viewpoint alone. Hence, it was appropriate to look at sites on other rivers too. The Assistant Acministrator r in reply, instructed that a site outside the reserve be considered in addition to the Jay Creek sites. WP/9!13 Presumably in pursuance of the above instruction, it was reported on 21 Hay 1973 that two sites for study had been identified on the Hugh River (Birthday Gap end Stuart Pass) . A+- .' earlv 1973 f 'b'l'~ . .... some si:age.J..n _ 'Cne _eaSl 1.. 1. ,-y report en a recreation lake on Jay Creek (French, 1973) was distributed within the Nater Resources Branch in draft form. The report was never published. 55-25C(1)Topographic surveys of the Birthday Gap damsite on the Hugh River were ~nitiated on 31 August 1973. 55-25C(1)The Resident Geologist ',.;as requested toul!.dertake an inspection of the Birthday Gap site in December 1973. The Resident Geologist, in a letter dated 9 January 1974, stated that the geological feasibility could only be determined by a drilling program, in view of apparent faulting, etc. 55-25C(1)On 29 January 1974, A Herath (Senior Engineer, Planning, ~iater Resources Branch) presented an internal report on the outcome of field inspections he carried in December 1973, of sites to the west and east of Alice Springs. The report ~s enti tIed Il Recrea.tional Dam Sites Alice Sorincs ~i\rea Evaluation of Various Dam Sites". --' Criteria considered in his report are accessibility (to the area, and to the I'laters edge), natural beauty, potential for flushing, shape, service facilities, available design options, sedimentation, hydrology and geology. A sumrnarv of the main points follol'ls: " Stua~t Pass (Hugh River) - Not recorr~ended for further study mainly because of access difficulty_ Birthdav Gal2. (Hugh ;<.iver) - Recommended for further study. Pyberinqe options, Pyberinge 11: A.c'WYS and Ildlarabada (Jay Creek) - Could be retained as although the infrequency of filling of the site is raised as a disadvantage.