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Alice Springs Water Supply: Future Demand and Storage. (File 74/2995)



Alice Springs Water Supply: Future Demand and Storage. (File 74/2995)


White, A. J.


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Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


Report no. 10/1974

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Technical Report WRA74010 Viewed at 05:02:43 on 18/02/2010 Page 16 of 68. >" ..... : 1 J)U~ the ::oe riod 1972/73. onlY 7;;;' of all ':1a ter ?U"'pec '.fas recorded as being ccnsumed. This conpares >rith 99< recorded for the year 1971/72 CONsm~PTION Referring to appendix C, the t10 main consumer &rQU~S tre the D02es t ic and GDver.Jlll ent groupiIlgs. In 1972/73 these t,{O ,,;rou;os constituted 41~ and 22% re s 1lcti vel:, of all water recorded ~;hi1e i!l 1971/72 the percentages ~ere 321 and 36~ respectively. In 1972/73 schools consti tu',ed G. '7.', of tho total consuwvtion and as a percentage of the Government recording conotituted 3"/' Gr en areas such as roark", etc., contri'outed 2.gT,. to the total consumption in 1972/73. It i!J ,;or,\;11 notins at tIllS s-ca,;e that schools and churcheo a.I'e e;;e:opt fro",",-a ter cr..s. r gB8 except for 25~ of their e:,cess usa,;o. Bxamining the brea}:-up cf Domostic ccnsumption it i'l she,m that in j 970/71 aI'prox. 421-, of Domestic consumers used 'cet',feen 150 x 10 3 and 300 x 10 3 gallons with a,;?,;?rD),;. 27,' of DCloestic conSu,CleI'S usin,; less than the basiC 100 x 10 3 gallons. This C0m?-o.r'}s '.lith the figures for ,),,!"<TL"l d' a:01'ro7.. 1 G'; usi!!g bet'wcen 150 x 11)3 and 300 x 1,)3 gallons and 56" usinc less them the bascic 100 x 103 gallo"". It ,"ust ue kept in cllnd though "hen comparing the Alice 31)rings figures to Darwins 1 t.,>,e effeet"'of'local cnvironmental'Co"ditions. It should 1:", n.:toc tn!!;; the abo'le:;crcent",:;es con r.;i..Ui:l? ~i on 1 The influence on total constl;"DUOn by j' .r:,. C .". '-. >;eI'sonnel i3 "ho',1"- to bo ralati'.rely i"ni,;nificant ",; on 1972/73 figtl1'eo~ the contribution ;,,;s 6,6" to tl1.e total consu:;lI'tion. In 1972/73 an ",vc:-9-,,:e J.J.:,;.R.l'. 1L'lH consumed 55;", more ,,,-tor th'L"1 the aver",:" DCl'l8:ot:CC unit 'cut :,cd-;cin:; the J .D,:J.R.F. unit to an equivalent D08."",tiC unit, the "ercentac,"C 0: the total contribution in r,=c.uccd to only I.'; .~~::. (note: J 1, ", . , ... ' .. ::cfers to tho Joint ~.,