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Alice Springs Water Supply: Future Demand and Storage. (File 74/2995)



Alice Springs Water Supply: Future Demand and Storage. (File 74/2995)


White, A. J.


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Northern Territory Government

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Alice Springs


Report no. 10/1974

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Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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Northern Territory Government



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Technical Report WRA74010 Viewed at 05:02:43 on 18/02/2010 Page 48 of 68. ,', , . 72/2564 WATER PXSODRCES BRAN'CH 6 MA.B.CE 1974 TRE DI?3C'l'OR , PUBLIC TI'rILI'l'IBS & HOUSING ALICE S?RIH'GS WATER SDP:?LY SOTJ':8.CE I re.fer to the memora..l'1dl@ from the Depo.:rtIilBnt of Housing' and Construction (Reference 68/1805 dated 5/12/73) at Folio 128. 2. In par~-raph 1 the Director, HOLlsing 2-110. Const!"Uction poin ts out that a cOiJprehensive study of the: Alice Spl'ing-s I'latel.' Supply is being tmder-taJ.:::en. For his long ter:n pla.TL'l.ing his atter-tioD should be dX2,,,n to para.&raphs -7 to 10 bela'"-'.. In the short term I agree with his recommendations. Accepting the estimate at Fare.t--:r3.pn 2 '8. swn of $120,000 has been included in estimates lor the 1974/75 GCY8:r~nent :Drilling Pro6'I'~r.:me. Investis-ational dI'illing to define sui tD.ole sites for the production bores is proceeding L~ this year1 s prograrr~e. 3. The investigation is. directed at schieving a 1}1.D.S. as 1mr 2..S pOssi"ble in li~e wi th the specification H.t I;ar2t:=';tVn 5. Further, I appreciate the desire to kee? bores clo;;;c tOL'Gth&:- tc; jJ~inimise C01!l:9ction costs r but the ,.!..ounuwz.ter flow c~ncitio!l3 (:ictate Go minimw'l separation to a.void. inte:r."fereJ1Ce bet,.'een ,,-ells i-r.ith COl"~Seouar:i.: local lOd8rin8 of the water surface. Pr2su:~ably the desired yiE'ld sl~oulci r~2.d 65 lis, ; relatively }-li gh figure \:hich Flust ple.ce h2UV:{ deill2..'1.QS upon the a~r. The conscc!."~S'nccs of these higher demands 8.I' enlargl?!d upon below. - " , 4. I}'he obse::va.tions on '-later usase, p2.ragr2.ph 4, endorse finjings . ~'. which the \'tater Resources Branch haS~ 2:3.ae in the li:ht of the reypidly raJ.line ptE1ping level in tbe aC!uifer. lihc Telationshj:9 beti'/een lOHering , .. ' of tho: Ptlli1pinC- level a"l1Q pu.,7.!~)inG rlraft is in line \-li th the original evalua tio:: of the l':eTeenie Aquifer eu t the consW!!ption ra.te h2~S risen I!T',J.CQ faettr the....., '\-;2-S fore~~e~. Alice Sprir.,2;'8 pO'pula-tioD fiU.I'C3 8,S \-,le11 as the per head consu!Jption hElve increa:::::ed G.l'8.:!latic,al.,ly. CrOtmd.Hat.er levels reflect anr.1 ... o..1 consu..mpt:i.on rather than su.~er pe..lks s but for CODvct,:.ieDce th; e.nnu':!.l consl.1.ITi-ption j::.; cxpress8Q. as &n '-1 ~ .... , -b '1 ' -t ". ~, ' , average Y[f>f::!C Y o.r.;;.lc. 1'.e av..e.i.~a.5e 1 .. ee~,:_y U'.X'2..I J.r.creG.~:;ea. a:c: ..:nG s;:;:eao.y rate 'of 2,,5 megalitres D~r \..:eDk per af'_r)') .. 1l o.1.'.ring the sixties u!ltil 1968. Si!1ce 1969 the rate of i.nc!'82:.s8 has 8.p!)roxiQ<.~t:!d to 1~:.8 megalitrcs per week per 2 .. J1.."1tl..':1. but the inCTC2.~~e tend.s to be exponen ci2.2- r2:theJ~ "thaD . ,"'::::'. linear. N2.turally the rate of fall of th>3 D-'Ow:d~:ate:r StOl\Sg0 reflects the conJ3uJ!pticn. At the prc~e:lt tifiJe the g-ener2~1 ]8\1(:1 witbin the bo-;re field excced.n 100 :r::::tres D-alm,r the CT011Ji'j, sU.r.lB.CG 2.1'yl is decl i r2inG" at approxima:tely 1.0.11 ?2:::"_al"J.!1Il..71. 'I'his rat:: of d.Gclin~ '""ill iDcr~n.se as cons'u:z.::ption incr-eases. . .. /2

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