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Kulgera - Preliminary appraisal of the prospects of locating supplies of groundwater suitable for Kulgera town water supply.



Kulgera - Preliminary appraisal of the prospects of locating supplies of groundwater suitable for Kulgera town water supply.


Woolley, D.


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Alice Springs


Report no. 38/1964

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Technical Report WRA64038 Viewed at 06:02:44 on 18/02/2010 Page 7 of 15. " '. -4 _. c _ results of these for wbloJ+oreliablelogS~E;r:~o~ available; arEn'iI.llllillarisea. in Table' 2 . Other oores in-the -area pr6oab1y qerive~thei:r. supplies from -tills aquifer but;.: too liftle info.=atiIDn is availablei;:o be oe2"tain.On8 eft these -.:i.s Kanga:rgo Bo re (G5 3/ 5-11) eigh t mil es n~rt!l'::, east of .KulgeJ:'a, whiohoois100 feetde'e-p:':~do initially had aSlXpplyof more than 2, 7C)Oog.p;:!1., of water having 1, 088 :2. p.m. sa1i~,ty~. o ,The stlpply .had fallen--i;o 30Q g.j;j':ll., :i,n,.:L9;51,. alH1. was- increased to moI'.etb.an 800 g, );ifh._ by ~t4.e use of geligr'itl?' The 401e fi"',isb._eCiai1~ha~o~ drillin.g; bv.t ,noinfQ=8tion is .-available alJoti,t the strata pen~trate"q. __ It __ ~__ ~usp.~C}.te=q_~t,hat this hole penetrat eO. the oasal P,;;>:c.L9:tJ4e de Souza S&'1o.stone, and that the eOOo. oqu'llii;y _ wate:r:.is- due to its prox1-lliity to a.reeharge. source. Several small creeks flow northo ir.L.the vi cim. ty of Kangaro.o 13ora,gnd' floa d oou.t in areas of ou:t?crop of de Souza Sandstor~e be~()rELJ:'eaoh ingLittle Kalamvxta Creek (see ];llate 1.)~ This isregard.I~JI asau'ar.ea of. Z8ch$rge j;o the De Souza 'Sandstone,~1?lld therefore an -: area .;'" whiehc gooQ.quaE ty water1llsy be 00::' tainable from. the ofo:rmation. (iv) Ruinbalara Shale: c&all t.el-arge suppqes wl+::Leh are, generally highly sa.Uneean be obtained from' this unit. The saliill.ty ranges ~om 7,000 p.:g;m_. to 30,00'0 !l.p.m.,cmd is~grob"hljc.dU:e~ inp'ar~ to the low pem.eabili'try of t]:~efor~l!;\tion. A fu:cther !'eason is the. occUTrence of salt rakes' on the outcrop area~ "e~ of Erldup,ct9 )rQ!Olest\3ad. M'any o:t..thedUd sa::Lty bores on E-rldunda appear to have been terminated, iUotheRubbal,l3:'1:\ Shale (see plate 1.). The unit is dearly: rrQt a }lrosp~ec'tive grouXlqwater souroe. for town 'NateI" purposes,. -~-- " (v) Tertia-r;t Denosits: Of t~ese, the ones of i=ediate interest are those "hieh oq.cur 'lii;;hiu.i;!:lB town ship of Kulgera, 8..'1.d. in the area immed.iatelY to. the south Qf . .:the town; Dri::Lli,ng j,lL t~eO tS'.\'i:n:::. ship area has established that (see table 3) (a) -(;he depoj>its ass:ig~ed to the.T,erti,arY Period are at least 100 'feet thiek (Table 3. ) (b) The top 10QfeetClo no'" oon.tain sign;L,gicant aquifers (largest k::'1own supply is: 150-200 go p. h. '00 Police fure No .'4';--'whi en llasdeare:ased 'to less _~ __ ~,_o ,*,