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Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.



Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.


Henderson, R.


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Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment

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Alice Springs


Report ; 18/2003

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Indigenous Land-Use History Th .. lands of ,\I.c .. Srnn,!:" ~rc Ihe lra(j,110n~1 counrr)' o f rhe Ar!'r,.,If( peoples,,, ht) h~, e Ix'('n nunn<1ClIll) I'nked \\ uh rhe land for cou lllle~s genetallOtI';' Tlw,r .... b,],I)" 10 pro'pcr III such a challcngUlg cnnronment pnor ro Eutop<-':i.n ~r!lleml1l1 .s re<tLmony ro Iheu 11If1m:IIC kn,-,.,ledl,.'C o f Ihe ch"'alc, flora. f~una and w:uer resources of Ihe area, and use o f fire. l.:Ir ... (19')5), expi:uns "1 dela,] Ih,s ,n1.male 1.110\\ k'dge Ihe -\rrl."nll peorles ha\"(' of Ihe" count!'), It ,s also recO!1;1l'se-d thal aoongtnal hnd l1lanag(menl has had a profound 111nU ..... Ct' on Ih .. pallH1l1ng and c .... "'po 1)11 o f Ilora and fauna "1 cemrai '\usfl'al~1 (.\lbrcchl.11I prep, 11- "). .\ll a,p"CI' of ,, In,,,.,,I, culture arc l:1.rla111Cd b, ref .. rt't!C<' 10 land and the lournns, act" ,t.es ami 11l1eraCU()nS o f the anceslral fi~re<. 'Dream11lgs' or ,:iI}rrrtll.(f" 1l1ch conlLnue 10 ~,e ,r l,fe (~pl .. ncer and G.llen, i <J::!- and Brook<,I'I'J I), 1\1:111, fe:l1ures of I he n:trural hnd~ape ~uch an oulcrop, Irl' e. or w;uerhole an, rhl' re<uit l)f the act" .I.es of ancestral bcUl,!.,'5 and Ul eommon h- e:tlled '-<acred <tru' lh de"<'em from :tn anC('<U)f IxlH:\"('(l lo be e~pj,cul) .dennfil-tl w.th, 'CI)f1cl',,cd' by " I' Ihc nNal c:-mbodufl"m of Ihe:' be,n,!.,"'. Arrrr1/I, fam,lte< rah <p .. ,luo\1 re~p<JI,s.b,l,n fOf cluslers of "acrnl s,t.'" rhat del'ine Ihell' 'I/'!It(/"rr. 'countr)' Of '<'<miC'. I hre" 'e<larc ' groups, !'. ip.lrn{\\C, Anlulye. and Irlpmc ma11lr.un lra<.l"1011:1.1 re<pons.b.I , ues for cOUl\t r ~ w,th,n A!.cc ~pnng'l I1parpa .,"';tmp ,s a kwsler ... .J s:lcreJ sue and IS I)1It' o f some 35(1. ~.1 <letI'd s.les 10 han.' Ix'en dOl,:uml'llIed for rh, \hec Spnng's mUnlc'pal,ty. (.\Ibrcchr. In pr~'p, 11'n'), Current Condition of the Swamp Todl1~ IIp.orl''' .. ""mp s uffers from .. ~ erie ~ uf 11l.l1"dles lIlclud,"~ prolo ll~cd 111II1I<.I .. 1l0n, 010 .. qurto .1,1<1 reed illfe~ lAl1t)n~ , lIlcrc."cd fire frequ el1 c;e~. i"",re .. ~ed nUlriellb .md ~ .. lb. e}"I){, ... \lccds and fera l fi sh ,"fe~I.llion . European Land-Use History ProOf 10 .rs us" for efflul'nr d"posal, th" ana had a long h'510r) of gra /,ng use, prohabl) dal11lg from rhe eSt:\bl,shmenr o f rhe llea\ lIree Gap Poloce Slarmn ,n rhe Ill-I I's. The gcnenl area was known a~ Ihe POIoCl' Padduck. ,\ ~ pos~lbl~' rhc ml)!;r produeu.e part of Ihe .\Joee :-'pnn!,'~ Commonage, rhe s,,amp was used as a commu"'~ resource for the gra/11lg of 1"l"<loc)" for man) )ears. f he Hl\p~CI aSSOCIated w.lh In.< gr.vmg IS unde:\r. l [c,,, e, er, palal~bl., p<''nn.al ).:nsse< and ed.ble snrubs such as nort hern hluebu<h ami old m~n ..alrbu,h norm.llh a$~r)cu led \\"lrh COllblnh hgnum ~\\"~mp~ and thC.f margH1~ arc hkeh' In h.1\~ bc",n rap.dh lkplctl.'d b\' nlll'n<1' ).,<rJ.l.l1lg pre,sun',., I'he Commonage was deslocl..ed durong th~ 1')60'< when broad area SOIl conSC:""1hon "orh were com menced \1 rhe lime, drought comlollQI1 < peN"red and phOlographs SnC)\\ Ihe ~wamp and surround11lg lerr.un as de'"01d of groundco,er orher Ihan scat tered h",'I1u11l bu,hl" On'rgr.u1I1g ,~~ue, r,-~m,,~'\'d by Ihe 197(1'$ 1I'1Ih hea\l u.:e IJ:. hor"". but by th" ,t:l.gc Ihl' "'I'amp wa~ n'c.',,mg dtlu('111 t"crnO'II"" fhe bu.ld11lg o f rhe t\hce Spnn!,:,; Se\\~c 'I rL':i.1Incnr l'h,l! and l"\"1por.t.l1\"e ponds 10 Ihe no rlh of Ihe cb) pan commenCld 1Il 196-4 and \\"1$ des'tt"l.Jro allO\, trealed emuent wareI' 10 oH'rnow ",,0 Ihe claypan. \\ uh Ihe e~JY.ln .. o<' o f A1 ICe Spnngs and corn:<pond. 1I1g onc rc~<c 111 "<'\\"1ge wllltmc< and C' "1pcll"1rlOn pcmd<. the oycrno\\ ,nlO Ihe cb )"pan has r.,maUled con~. s r c nl f'lf S(;' "l'nl decadcs. The rc<ult ,~ rU "'. a perm.mend) 11lund1ted \\ edand Ih.1t ,s referred I,) as llparpa 5\\"11111'. In the earh 1')WI's an ahernal1le use for e"ce<s Oe!>l'ilc Ihl',e IIllp.1Cb , Ih('" S\I.lmp ~tm reu;n., "gmficllnl nor" includmA OIlC species of >\J.llion.,] ~ iAnifie .. nee,.1 broad .. ssen'bbge o f bord s pecies .Il1d imporund~, it~ sacred .1Od culn' .... ] l> ignific .. nce to Arrente Ir.ldition .. 1 0\\ nei"S. The ronowill~ seclion e}".InHne~ Cold, o flhcsc ISS UCS 11\ dCI;ul 10 pro\ ,de .. he Iler l111del'>l.l1Id I ng to .If11elior.ne thc~e ]lrobkf11 ~. treared emuenr wa1l'r from rhe potlds \\;t~ InalcJ as Ifnb"'t.on "-:ller for 13Ialhcfl'k'le Park ",Ind an ~dpcellt eUeal)pl phnrar'O<l. 1 he l,mUenl '!'n!,"lIeJ eucalypt plantation was esrahl,sh ... .Jlo pro nde thl' r~~ ,dCnls o f .\hce ~pnnb'S., c~pcc"dl)" res ,dc1l! ~ o f 10\' 11 camps, "lIh a reh~ble source o f fin:""OOd. 1 hI' pbnlat.OIl IS Shl1ungarcd 'I Hh e mUC01 \\":1.1cr, hO\\"l'\"cf rhe plantal'On ., nO! ae In cl) man:tgt'd for \Ioud pn:xiuCllOII.

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