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Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.



Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.


Henderson, R.


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Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment

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Alice Springs


Report ; 18/2003

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I 1. HEALTH ISS UES Mosquito-bo rne disease I1parpJ s,,,,,mp h1~ ~>rIg been recc~;m,eJ 1" a flU1''' m'1'<jUII/I breedong ;lre2 "uhon \11(( ~rnn~ Pb~",(, numbe .... of m~ull<)(;' cm~I').,"- r"lkl\\ mg hl"al ' r.uns (,f "mUC,,! o.ernO\, s (mm ,h", '>C,,~<; pond>:, p:trlu;ubrh durmg ,umm~r. J hI: mo"<tII1!O numb .. :" ''''uh fro m [he p-',cnn of po.rman<.:nt w:un, warm tond'lKHh and den ..... 'C~I"'''," gTO\.lh 11't2100 .. fnuem d,.;ch1r~..J ,m', lhe ~"amr aho rrnn,k, nUlnen!' M osquito Breeding and Control I h~ """;Imp cont:;;un< bl}..'t :arc:a' nf n:g<t::lh,.., d<WTlmatctl h)' cumbunj(! (T rplv timw1Ilt."IIrj'i, cc ouch ( 1"'/"" d.1dJ/""j alld ru rdne) . \ /,ll'f!/M dnt",_"dil) \'i 'h.n Inundated "Ilh "<lln, ch." ... '-'1o:"Iall<>I1 111"" prm ,d, al1 Ideal bn'cdonjot ha \),1:11 for 1nCNIU1IO.,< \C, en.1 ~pt'Cl"< of mC"'(ju,l() arc a,, ~(}Ct:u..J "'1 h thc '\\J.IT\f'. ho\n"'cr Olll. 'IX'C'," lh~' Common lI~ndul \I''''IUII/) ((.Jr,. ,,,,,,,/'m</"f) "r~C<1gm~rJ as Ihe '<;'0;:10" of 'turn, \allt"! ,hal rrom,,1l' mn" qUllo brccJ,"~ I1 t.' ,mp0l'l;\nl ( 0) n, >fe Ihal 11r~">l ,\I..unp an pr.., .-"I .... r,- ....... ,.~r for Ih~ p"l~n1talh IIpMPJ !", JOlp c.:.11I prO\ ide i.l rc!>cnoir for the potcntiJlly fJt.lImosquito-hornc disease, MUfr.-\ Yalley Em:cphalitis. l.nceplu.hu~ and Rp" I~nu 1 c, er (\\ htbn cl al. :). (1) rh. \het SPOIll,'" rOllo C .. >une,l\ \SIC I n'ln,n mCfllalllnhh ~l'n ICe' f;ual mO"'lu.h).borno.' d'''C:a'l, Murt:\) \all,;" Enc<:phalu,,,- rh,~ .!')OI,.':t>'l' can Ix ca~,k tnnodund from Ihe.- north \\ .Ih summer \\ cl ~a '\< HI aclt, tI\ (\\hdan Cl al. ::!ull, In Ihl )UI ::!IllI ~umml'" .... a"on. a 'o(OOlh m'l'>'lU'lo borne: tI, ............ n,k affl"CIld ,lI,."arrn ...,~,d ... nnal an."A' \n '>Ulbre-at.. "f I\lurt:\1 '-:1111'1 enttrhll" ",,1 1 ,;,brUlf\ ::!UI:! H1 'he \ltee Spftllb .... locals" rc<ultl,1 ,n 1\\" (,l.;(', ,,,le "f "htCh \\-:1' falal I htre ,< ne. I-:Ice,,1(; I" ,mmuno<tc und~f!:lke w('Ckh mon",'rmK o f adult mosqu, to numlxr~ as ",;,11 as brn.l ~;t.mpI UlK I h~ pro~ram IIOft..<.n c()nlUnClOOIl \\uh if;'nunc! ,hKken no,k< 11'1(31 .. ,1 a' the .\1'Il1 Zone R,._',:arch ( enl..., and at Grt:u<>rt:\ Rd on l1parp;t _uW" ,',on I hl eOmbtnltt',n of ,h, .... 1\'" pmgram' al''"g Il'Ih Ct)u_ullaIl<H. \\'Ih Ihe: 1)~I'.lrtmcnl ,,r Ilcalth and L"mmunll~ SenlCt' \kl!tcall mumoklf(' branch all"", ~ \S 1 (: 10 pun ~nd 'mpkmCflI cunl ro l mc;l ,ur(~ ... _ needed. \dult ( 11//" """Mfj,.pn, numlx ..... and lhe: prt'"M'nCl' of I ,ral aCII, ,11 111 s<:nll11d ch.ct..cl1_ h'lnd .. Ihe conlrol mca~un'<, mdudll1~ l11-.(.'<:I ,c"k f, ',I1J.,"t1~ and la rt .c,donl-'. J h\ ,Url\.'Il1 f"cu_ I' to fl'duCl m,,,,,!uHo brccdlllg tuholal \\ uhlll Ihe sw;tml\" 'Ih eonlml flW;\5UfC"i 11' b..- uTlplemem .J "hen n."cC'~ln 1 urther, nu'll/.:tn~ W"-:Ib't' d,'-ChatK~~ ' " the: <\\Olmp dumlK 1,,\\ n,k " IIller pcnods (comrolkd d.-eharj!.e men':!...:'.), all"" , for jl:n."aler slO~C '''lhtn Iht "",,;t~ pond, and rC.hICC' Ih. nn'd ("I'" III I Wl";l,lh .. :r d .'-Chl'W-'- during h./o:h n~t.. ~ummcr pcn,..J,

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