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Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.



Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.


Henderson, R.


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Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment

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Alice Springs


Report ; 18/2003

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Weed Infestation I1parpa 5W'1mp supportS the highest density of ,ntnxluc::td "cM In Ih(' Ahce Spnngl mUnicIpAl Ity (Albn:chr,U pe" comm.). The s,!;m fic:lnl chan~5 nude 10 the nalunl systems of IIp:up:l \'1.lIey han~ Cre2led f:l\()urlblc condmons for ,he cst:lbl,shmcnl and pml,fcntlOn o f .mroduccd pl,,-,., II. As well :u mcre-aSC'<i nUlnent ;I.\"1,labolory. constant mOISture ernl" an opportun' l) (O!" Intro duced plants to estlbltsh m areu ther nuy ha,c not persISted under normal and, ephcmcnl cond'hons. rh ... sw:tmp Cln prond~ a poml soun::c from ... -h,ch In troduced specIes nd.;u e "h<-'fl cm,ron mcnCll cond1l1ons ue &wmblc The tntrodu(t<tl , ruftcd perenmal gr.U5 I "P'1J<-bJtm jllk'll sub.UlI'i ... tli.l wu first collectw m Central Austrn.lu. 111 1')78 from Ilparp:l S\>-;unp and IS now (()mmon In the TOOd R,n'f do.-nSlrnm of Tunck$ Rd C'aus.:waj and In some .. <I). drams '0 the fes,dcnttal/ Intlu~ln~ "rei. (,\lbrechl, Il I n prep.). Other mtroduced pbnu such :lS I'rostr.ue HelIOtrope (1IfBoIrtIpi" ,,111) and Shrda Gr.m (DkuIlIIiN'" alllU/lJI".) nul' be 'slcepc-r' spcclCS, pcn.sl1ng ,n lne , "'';Imp un,,1 ,ullabll' I'm IfOIlml'1llal conditions al1o.. Ihl'm to e~pand lhetr nnge Ck)SC up plwx<> of Trplu t<.'eds folk)\\"tng a df) penod (Pholo: COIlSl'n";lnon .RId :\'~!1Jr;o.IlU:sooJn,c:s, DIPE ), Constant nUlnent and In()ISIUfl' a\';I,bhlhf) ut lhe ""'';Imp has I'lUbll-d exotIC Spt:i:11'5 such as ColH::h Gns5 (C,IIIDII rlNrJltm) and buffel gnss (61/,Mts dJimii) to domllUll' and. In ~e atnS, complete!) replace IUIWC ,'egcl1lu<)fl., Such exoltC grasses CompelI' ngorousll' ""uh nal1\'e underslore) spec.es and, due to Ihl''' h.gh fuel loads, Ihrtalen fire scnsII1n> rruddlc Slore), SPCCICS such;lS t-.lul!,';I (A"na lllH!lfflI), \x ,"hClf) Bush (AmlJ"IIu~I/UI) and nnop)' spec'I'S such ;IS Coobbah (EH(U/YptllJ ,""/(lb,ihj Cumbungo (T,pbll dl)lNiwgtllJii) . IS nO! nalll<' to Ihl' ongm.,1 da)'pans and h"s OUI -Com~led pre-e",st lng na"w H'gclllt.on In n'sponse to altered nulncnl and mOlSlure condn.ons. In Ilus plan Cumbungo.s Iherefore cons,dered 10 be a 'weed' reqUlnng m:uugcment, Albn.chl. 0 (m prcp.) Klenllfies Cumbung. as an 'aggrenllt' "1'1'd) md'genous spec'l's'. de:scnbong such a group of spec,es as lhose dat are "md.gcnous to spt.'Clfic lQbotalS m lhe mUlllclpalul', bul lQVI' upanded lhetr nngt dtu' to d,slUrbance In fl'<:l'nl rears, and In JOInI' IIl staocl'S no"" domuule lQbollllS thal lhey onglluUr d,d nol o:uP)" It " dIfficult to predIct whelher the man)' weeds present III IIp:arpa s,,';Imp could peNtS! ooce effluenl dlscha~ 1$ ceu(:d , Ilw'e"et Ihelf seedbank, which mar be wldelr d.slnbuted be)'ond Ihe s"';Imp pnJpc r, cl)uld potcntullr be reac!l\';Ifed under fal'()Urabll' COOdlllons. L: nder Ihls plan Ihe rcsponcl' o f weeds 10 changmg hydrologK1. l COOd.honS, dur' to red uced effluent dIscharges, w,lI be monitored and maf\;lgcment aCltOnS .mpll,'fllr'med accordongly,

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