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Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.



Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.


Henderson, R.


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Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment

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Alice Springs


Report ; 18/2003

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Waterbird Habitat E\"I!~r $ll1(:r Ilparpa S\\-amp ~mr mert:lSmglr lnur"Kbtrd the area has bomr homr to hundrros of ~-atcrbonls. RehabilitatIOn of the SII-amp to Its ongmal rr~me of episodiC inundahon usocoatrd Uluh penods o f hogh rainfall ~uuld force IIw Wllfl:rl: .... ds nlrrentl)' inhabiting d)C S\I,"i,mp 10 rrloe:ue. Many 5pK1<'s o:oukl reNrn 10 IN: open ~"i,lrr of Ihf: ~-age ponds bul I~ tequonng I1'IOR' shchercd habotus ",.oukl be forced 10 mI.J\ .... else ",here. Ilus IS unhkely 10 ha,'c a o:nhcal ,mpact on ITI05I 5pK's, too...c,cr ,nd.nduab o f Ihree .spc:c1CS of C(lnscn-ahon sogrufoca.nce mar be delnmenb..lly affCi::Ir<!: lne, frcddw duck, Ihc clamorous reed ",-arb!t-r and the pamtw smpe, (F.ldodgc, S. petS o:omm.). Thr ponds and su-amp arr abo a place o f o:onstdcr able cducattonal and teCf"CaloW SlgmflCanCe and an: renowned :l.Il"IOIlg bordv.-alChers AllStmloa-""odc fOf lhe dll~oty and abundance o f w:uerbords (I.()\Ic :axl2). Local schools regularly use the ponds tOt- ... ..JUC1lhonal CXCutS'Ofl!. Other regular .. iSI10I"5 '11(:Iu<k thc held NalunhsI5 Club, the P:uks and \\ ,kll,fc Comm.sstOn's Jumor Rangers ant.! a Significant number o f mlcnu.lloru.ll(lUnsU .. In Fcbruary.March 2iXlI, 01 .... 1' fifty walcrbinl~ of ,-anous SpeclCS wcre found dead In and around IIp:!rpa s,,-amp suffenng from toxms ~~,"" d w""h ,(1o,,,'d;,. MII,/i"MM. Thc 0l"b'2.rusm thm'es m rotting \CgctatIO<1 and dead m,ertebraICs. Thc poosoncd birds ,,crr proba.bly those: thal f05S>ckr<!, fr<! and drank ,,-aler cOfllammg Ihe 10000an that IS produeed bf Ihe orgamsm. Closlnd,um III buds ha.s no o:orrrbuOfl wllh botultsm In human Ses. As such II 15 constdered a 101>" publIC heallh nsk. \'(2tc rbirds are also potcnllallr effecled b)' blooms of roxic blue green algae, ondudmg Mynll]JliJ tNnI&i/lOJ<l muJ M.jJ.J-uq1hlt as occurred In Januarr 2003. Impn)\"Cmcntll 10 ,,-atcr qualifY on Ilparpa s~-amp and reduCllon In ,..cl abundal1(:r nuy reduo:t tht \"IS!. of closlnd,um and blut-grtim algu ,mpacls 10 btrdlofe. t\lrhough [Iome btrd lu.bit::lt will be reduced the rehabolot:l.lIOr1 eomm,tt('t and groups such as the Aloee Spnngs held Natura losls Group accepllhat the benefilS o f ''''':!..SLng efflUenl dIscharge 10 the swamp ,.ill oulweogh Ioo:aloscd ImpactS OIl birdlofc. C.olkcUQn o f iJluc Grc:cn algae (o:ranobao:tena) sample from SL ~bry'$ Cn-ek., January 2JJ. (l>ho.o: Conser'OInon and Sarun.! Rcsourttt.. DlI'lq.

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