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Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.



Ilparpa swamp rehabilitation plan.


Henderson, R.


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Dept. of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment

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Alice Springs


Report ; 18/2003

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3. INFRASTRUCTURE ISSUES Alice Springs Sewage Treatment Overflows on road Plant The AllCe Spnngs seu-age ueatrnem f-aclhl~ 11('5 Dunng ,he summer o f 19992000, In responce 10 dm:cdJ' north o f Ilparp;l ~'amp and Ius a O11.'I:'ffium r:unfall constden.b1r abon~ :l.\"t~, 11p:lrp:a 5W'imp apac.I)' o f approx,m:ud}, 212 meg.dures o f tffluem, fJO\\-ro across Jlpa!p1 Road low:ud~ SIl\b.ry'S Creek w,th a 100al ponds art'll o f 21 6 heenl.I'Cs. \" 'h,le some for e.ght months. In 2(()I)..2001 the on ::rflCM ' effluent.s reused Ihruu~,'h lrngahOl'l o f the ad,.u:cOI occurred for se\~n months. Inundalton of the road Bb,hcnk'le IJark "od an OIl-SIte Ked Gum plllnlauon, c:lused a bre:akdO\\'n ()f the blrufficn surface and mOM effluent .s lost through C\"apor.1110 n, seepage mCOIwemence 10 mOIOOSIs, Although water qual.l) and O\'crflows 10 llpatp".l swamp. W'1S sal,sfuc tory, there \\':1.$ a communlf)' peKeptlon of a health nsk from the 0\,erflow 5. To completely cea~ dnUl'n! ()\ern(M-s 10 11parpa swamp, an e<l1malcU add,l,onal JO he<:tares o f e\-:\pon.non ponds would be reqUIred. Consen$US o f the Community Consull1U1on \~Orkshop held on 18 19 t\U~;US I 2OClO was dUI PcM-er and \1; :uer Corpora I,on should no! constrUO::I an)' addmonal enluem ponds as e' -:lpotauon 10 t~ C"f1nronmem IS a ","Ule o f a Pfxcnuall'C!IOUrtc Altenutf\ely a cooro",ated approach, ImpfOnng the menllmaru.gt.'fT1Cnt o f "'-:ller, con;;en":l.t>On:and reuse ", Ahce Spnngs has I dUKt doo.o.nstream effect o f reduc",g 5no-age o.ern"",, .nto ]llrpa swamp. The AJ.ce Spn'W l! roan \~ 'atcr Manag.;:rncm Strategy ]{eft'feflCe Group has .nutaled "od programs to reduce sewage ",000 10 the "hce Spnngs ~wagc T rt.':l tmcm Plan! b)'; WOt'kmg ",.th the community 10 encOUr:lge better u~ of watcr wl lhm Ahcc Sprmgs. Subsunhall)' ,"c",as",/! the ,-olumc o f enlucm fo r reuse through ' rng:mon for agnculture I hOl'\1culrufe. lnc(N"por:llmg a<ju.fe. slo rage and rec()\'ery :u an altenul1\e 10 l'\-:lpon (Ion (N" pond slorage l .owenng Ihe.' water tables .n the.' AI"e Spnngs 'Ou'n Sas", Sigmficant eroston .s occu. nng along ,he mam I1parpa rcs,dent1.1l dra'n and S< )n\(; of !he resultant sed,ment .s ].kel), 10 be deposited ", the swamp. rhe dn", .~ also poss.b1r delnenng runoff mo rt.' qUICk!) 10 the S\\-:lmp dunng hIgh r.lInf:lill .. "t'fIt !l. There wu somc: s~t,on dUI ,he ru.TUral hydrol ogyof the s\\-:lmp mar han' been alte red br lhe Construct,on of Ilparpa Reod. rhe road"'-:l} mar lu,,e acted as an embankment , effccll\-ely r.uslng Ihe spdl IC'ocI o f the Ic\-ce bc~'Ccn the swamp aod SI Mar)'" Cl'Cek. The recent constrUCl lon o f a cuherl under the r()Qd should resoh-e Ihls .mpac t Cuh-en 105t:l.lIl'd 10 wn" I1parpa SU-:lmp unde r Ilparpa r()Qd. (Photo: P. I'ngnI'IDJI,:-"T Health &. Commun.", ServICeS),

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