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NT drug trends 2005 : findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)



NT drug trends 2005 : findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)


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NDARC technical report ; no. 243



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54 criminals with drug being brought in from southern states. Another KE reported that the new S8 legislation has meant doctors are not prescribing morphine to their patients so there are more other pharmaceutical opiates being used like Oxycontin. With the controls on S8s it was predicted that benzodiazepine prescriptions would probably increase and that this will be the new problem drug in Darwin which, it was advised, is more dangerous than morphine. 8.2 Illicit methadone 8.2.1 Price The median price for a millilitre of methadone had decreased over the last three years to sixtyfive cents ($0.65) in 2005 (Table 38) In contrast, the median price of 10mg of Physeptone increased $5 this year to $15 and the median price for 5mg of Physeptone was $10. Table 38: Median price ($) of most recent methadone purchase by IDU, 2003 to 2005 2003 2004 2005 Methadone ml $50-50mg, $70-30mg (2) 1 (16) 0.65 (12) 5mg 0 0 10 (3) Physeptone 10mg 10 (15) 10 (18) 15 (21) Source: IDRS IDU interviews Number of purchasers in brackets Thirty-eight (38%) of IDU could comment of the change in illicit methadone prices; of those, 37% (14% of entire sample) thought that the price had been stable over the past six months (Table 39). Table 39: Methadone price movements, past 6 months, 2005 2005 n=107 Did not respond (%) 62 Did respond (%) 38 Of those that responded (%) (n=41) Dont know 42 (16% of entire sample) Increasing 15 (6% of entire sample) Stable 37 (14% of entire sample) Decreasing 2 (1% of entire sample) Fluctuating 5 (2% of entire sample) Source: IDRS IDU interviews 8.2.2 Availability Over the last three years increasing numbers of IDU have been able to comment on the availability of illicit methadone. Thirty-four percent (34%, Figure 39) of those who could comment in 2005 thought that methadone was easy to obtain and 15% thought it was very easy. The proportion finding it difficult or very difficult has decreased since 2003 and 2004.