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NT drug trends 2005 : findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)



NT drug trends 2005 : findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)


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NDARC technical report ; no. 243



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60 8.4 Other opioids Recent use of other opioids shows a gradual decline since 2003 to 8% in 2005, with only 2% of the IDU reporting recent injection of other opioids (Table 47). Other opioids were used on a median of seven days in the last six months, which is similar to the previous two years. However, recent frequency of injection has fluctuated: other opioids were injected on a median of eight days in 2005, down from 13 days in 2004, but up from the 6 days in 2003. One percent (1%) of the sample had taken other opioid the day before the interview for the last three years, and this year 2% of the sample nominated other opiates as their favourite drug. Table 47: Selected trends in IDU other opioid use, 2003-2005 2003 n=109 2004 n=111 2005 n=107 Used last 6 months (%) 17 12 8 Injected last 6 months (%) 4 5 2 Days used last 6 months (median) 7 6 7 Days injected last 6 months (median) 6 13 8 IDU drug of choice (%) 0 1 2 Drug taken yesterday 1 1 1 Source: IDRS IDU interviews Frequency Although the proportion of IDU recently using other opiates has declined the proportion of daily users has increased to 22% this year (8% in 2004, Table 48). A third (66%) of those who had recently used other opioids were using them at least fortnightly. Table 48: Frequency of other opioid use in previous 6 months, % recent users, 2003-2005 2003 n=18 2004 n=13 2005 n=9 % fortnightly 33 38 22 % weekly 33 31 22 % daily 11 8 22 Source: IDRS IDU interviews Form Table 49 displays the forms and primary form of other opiods used. It would appear from this years data that those IDU who use licit other opiods only use licit other opioids and those who use illicit other opioids only use illicit other opioids. The most common other opioid used was codeine and 2% reported using opium.