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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G26


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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


no. G26, 1 July 2009

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Page 4 The Northern Territory Government Gazette No. G26, 1 July 2009 Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources, of the said Territory by instrument of delegation 25 August 2008, and pursuant to section 616 of the above Act, hereby prohibit all vessels other than those operating on behalf of the ENI Blacktip Gas Project and vessels operated by authorised persons who are exercising powers under Part 6.6 Division 1 section 614 and 615 of the above Act and Australian Customs Vessels defined as Commonwealth Ships under the Australian Customs Act 1901 from entering or remaining in the area of the safety zone without the consent in writing of the Designated Authority of the Joint Authority for the Offshore Area of the External Territory Of Ashmore and Cartier Islands. This safety zone extends to a distance of: five hundred meters, measured from: Location (GDA94, zone 52) Latitude 14 14 28.273 South Longitude 129 21 01.624 East The Safety Zone remains in force until further notice. Where an unauthorised vessel enters or remains in the safety zone specified in contravention of this instrument, the owner and the person in command or in charge of the vessel are each guilty of an offence against section 616 of the Act and are punishable, upon conviction, by a fine not exceeding $100,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years, or both, pursuant to section 616 (3) of the Act. Dated 15th June, 2009. Made under the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006 of the Commonwealth of Australia. J. P. WHITFIELD Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources 10/26 Police Administration Act SALE OF GOODS Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 166 of the Police Administration Act, the following property as shown on the attached schedule has been in the possession of the Officer in Charge, Police Station, Alice Springs, for a period in excess of 3 months and this property will be sold or otherwise disposed of in a manner as determined by the Commissioner of Police, if after twenty-eight (28) days from the publication of this notice the property remains unclaimed. Dated 23rd June, 2009. S. PARNELL Superintendent Alice Springs Operational Service Division SCHEDuLE 299654 Clothing/Book/Clock/Game 299668 Slim Air Mattress 300473 Silver charm bracelet with 6 charms/1 x watch 300703 Golf Bag and Clubs 301515 Wheelchair 299653 Silver Razor scooter 299756 Black/Red scooter 299927 $2.20 300261 $25.00 300436 $35.45 290941 $37.30 291257 $6.75 300926 2 x ATM cards 299927 ATM card 300261 Black Sabini handbag and Makeup 300926 Black Cabrelli purse/Rusty brown purse/Black Billabong purse 300926 2 x Keys on black/white remote tag / Keys 300057 Black Motorola Mobile Telephone 300697 Blue/White Nokia mobile telephone 299973 Gold VIAC Touch PDA 300699 Orange Nokia mobile telephone 282449 Backpack/Clothing 300436 Red Wallet 291257 2 x Batteries/2 x Sim cards/Money bags 303961 Lithgow .22LR RBA s/n 17086 259971 1 x Norico .177 GAR s/n M46187 299775 Black/Silver Avanti Montari s/n u47k31526 300981 Silver/Gold Huffy Abajo s/n 0000531 299660 Silver/Purple Nil Brand s/n snfsd04e01303 300979 Black Huffy Savanah s/n eb06a1654 300857 Red/Black Raleigh s/n 0660002310 300808 Purple Blaze MTB nil serial number 300323 Yellow Huffy Heliax s/n bb03ja21102 299935 Silver/Black GT Avalanche 300011 White/Blue Specialized Hardrock MTB 300687 Aqua Huffy Reactive girls bike s/n bb07d70043 300686 Grey Avanti Escape MTB s/n u60k03114 300604 Green GT Expert MTB s/n s3jt02594 300528 Black ABD MTB s/n aca04h013714 300506 Red Huffy MTB s/n ac07e026945 300065 Blue/Silver Hot Wheels BMX s/n 87278006 300468 Purple Kent Silver Mist MTB s/n ej080700225 300236 Black/Orange Huffy Mano MTB s/n bb01j050423 300310 Black/Green Southern Star MTB 300382 Silver/Red Royce union MTB s/n bb03h86309 300381 Black/Yellow Dyno Team Issue s/n sngnp05j35766 300362 Light Blue Huffy MTB s/n bb02j061751 300359 Black Expert Classic MTB s/n auf8d07j00188 300322 Black/White Southern Star MTB s/n g881009988 11/26 Livestock Act DECLARED AREA MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS BEES AND ASSOCIATED EQuIPMENT AND PRODuCTS I, BRIAN LESLIE RADuNZ, Chief Inspector, under section 59(1) of the Livestock Act and with reference to section 8 of the Interpretation Act, in relation to the declaration of a protected area for the notifiable diseases American foulbrood (Paenibacillus larvae), European foulbrood (Melissococcus pluton) and Small hive beetle (Aethina tumida), dated 18 March 2009 and published in Gazette No. G12 of 25 March 2009, restrict the movement of bees, and equipment and products associated with bees, as specified in the Schedule. Dated 24th June, 2009. B. L. RADuNZ Chief Inspector SCHEDuLE 1 Definition In this Schedule: interstate inspector, in relation to a State or another Territory from which bees, equipment used in connection with bees, beeswax, bee candy or bee-collected pollen are being brought into the Territory, means a person appointed under an Act of that State or Territory who may exercise powers or perform functions relating to bees and the control of American foulbrood, European foulbrood or small hive beetle.