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Northern Territory Government Gazette; Special notice


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The Northern Territory Government Gazette No. S49, 3 October 2008 Page 3 to the Director, Land Administration, Department of Planning and Infrastructure (Director) prior to commencement of construction of the Development. 10. Payment of Rent will commence six (6) months from the date of commencement of the lease with no remissions for the remaining term of the lease subject to Conditions 11 and 12 hereunder. 11. The rental determined under this lease is not payable if development in terms of this lease is commenced within six (6) months from the date of commencement of the lease, and is completed by 30 June 2010. 12. The Lessee will within six (6) months from the date of commencement of the lease or within such further time as may be approved in writing by the Minister for that purpose, commence to erect improvements in accordance with the lease purpose on the leased land to a value of not less than the sum of thirty million dollars ($30 million) and the Lessee shall complete the erection of the said improvements to a value of not less than the said sum by 30 June 2010 or within such further time as may be approved in writing by the Minister. 13. The Lessee will pay all rates and taxes assessed in respect of the leased land. 14. The Lessee shall construct and meet, to the satisfaction of the relevant authorities, the cost of connection, supply, upgrade and installation of all services necessary to the Development. 15. Any easements required by the relevant service authorities and the Northern Territory Government are to be granted at nil cost to the Northern Territory of Australia. 16. No building(s) or permanent structures are to be constructed over any area covered by any easement unless prior approval of the relevant authority is obtained. 17. The Lessee shall at its cost design and construct stormwater drainage to the requirements and satisfaction of the City of Palmerston. 18. The Lessee will ensure that at all times and to the satisfaction of the Minister that the leased land (including all rights of way and other easements) is maintained and kept clean, tidy and free of weeds, debris, dry herbage, rubbish, carcasses of animals and other unsightly or offensive poisonous, toxic or hazardous matter (except as specifically authorised by this Lease) and is not permitted to become a harbour for insects, pests and the breeding of mosquitoes. 19. If the Lessee fails to comply with Condition 18 above, the Territory shall have the right to enter the leased land and do all things necessary to ensure compliance with Condition 18 and the expense and cost thereof, as determined by the Minister, shall be borne and paid on demand. 20. The Lessee agrees to comply with the Building Northern Territory Industry Participation Framework (information relating to which is available from the Department of Business and Employment) including taking such steps to ensure: (a) full, fair and enhanced opportunity for local industry, business and labour to participate in all phases, from design through to operation; (b) the highest possible level of procurement of goods, labour, materials and services from local manufacturers and businesses where these are competitive as to price, performance, quality, suitability and delivery requirements; (c) formulation of specifications, tenders and other project documentation in such a way as to afford local industry, business and labour, an equal opportunity of participating in the supply of goods and services; (d) consideration of Australian companies and use of Australian made products when orders are to be placed with industry and business located other than in the Northern Territory; (e) provision of reports at a frequency stipulated by the Minister for Business and Employment, which will keep the Northern Territory Government informed on the level of Northern Territory and Australian industry, business and labour participation, including, as necessary, why goods and/or services have been sourced elsewhere; (f) utilisation by the Lessee of goods and/or services provided by the Territory Business Centre, Department of Business and Employment, in the identification of suitable capable Northern Territory and Australian suppliers; and (g) incorporation of these requirements (a-f) into all contracts entered into by the Lessee, with any third party to supply goods and/or services. 21. The Lessee will at all times maintain and repair and keep in repair any improvements constructed on the leased land to the satisfaction of the Minister. 22. The Lessee must effect and maintain insurance appropriate for the Lease Purpose for the term of this Lease and such insurance must include public and general liability insurance of at least twenty million dollars ($20 million) for any one occurrence. 23. The Lessee must, on a request made by the Territory, provide the Director with a copy of a Certificate of Currency for the insurance policies required by this Lease certified by the insurer as being true and correct. 24. The Lessee must not do or fail to do or permit to be done or omitted any act whereby any insurance required under this lease may be rendered void or voidable. 25. The Lessee releases to the full extent permitted by law and indemnifies and shall keep indemnified the Territory from and against: (a) all actions, claims and demands made against the Territory in respect of any damage to or loss of property, personal injury or death sustained by any person, including the Lessee, its servants and agents and the employees, servants and agents of the Territory, in connection with the Lease Purpose or its activity on the leased land in any manner whatsoever; and (b) all costs, damages and expenses which may be incurred by the Territory in defending any action, claim or demand referred to in Condition 25(a), except if the damage, loss, injury or death is caused by a wilful or negligent act or omission of the Territory.