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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G17


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Northern Territory Government

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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


no. G17, 30 April 2008

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Northern Territory Government



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The Northern Territory Government Gazette No. G17, 30 April 2008 Page 5 277651 Black/Red MTB 277653 Blue/silver Bilboa Cheetah Blue/silver Bilboa Cheetah 277676 Blue Intimidator Blue/Silver Giant Boulder Silver/Blue Malvern Capri 277711 Blue/Yellow Huffy Ravine 277716 Blue Odyssey 277730 Blue/Black Avanti Black Thunder 277745 Red Cyclops 277769 Black Diamond Back Sorrento 277845 Purple/white Repco candy 277882 Black/Blue Apollo 277887 Black, Green Huffy Crusade 278026 Blue Northern Star 278142 Black/silver West Coast chopper 278166 Red/Black Huffy Volta 278215 Silver Mongoose 278218 Black Mongoose 278253 Yellow Bike 278276 Black/purple Malvern Star 278278 Pink Repco roxy 278287 Silver bike 278355 Red Huffy Sentinel 278474 Red/White Merida 278477 Red/Silver Kent DS20 278494 Silver/Red Blade XTI18 278534 Blue/Silver Colorado Bush Cruse Red Stycle 278568 White/Purple Dunlop Defiance 278572 Blue/White Merida 278695 Red Schwinn Spitfire 279851 Red Malvern Star Capri 263605 Black/Red Giant Black/Yellow Gemini 272047 Grey Apollo 7/17 Planning Act DEVELOPMENT CONSENT AUTHORITY LITCHFIELD DIVISION APPOINTMENT OF ALTERNATE MEMBER I, DELIA PHOEBE LAWRIE, Minister for Planning and Lands, under section 91(1) of the Planning Act, appoint Christine Ann Truarn to be the alternate member of the Litchfield Division of the Development Consent Authority: (a) from the date of this instrument to 27 August 2008; and (b) for both members of that Division appointed under section 89(1)(a) of the Act and in office from time to time during the period of the appointment of the alternate member. Dated 28th March, 2008. D. P. LAWRIE Minister for Planning and Lands 8/17 Planning Act DEVELOPMENT CONSENT AUTHORITY APPOINTMENT OF DIVISION MEMBERS I, DELIA PHOEBE LAWRIE, Minister for Planning and Lands, under section 89(1)(b) of the Planning Act, appoint each person specified in the Schedule, column 1, to be a Division member in respect of the Division area specified opposite the member in column 2, from 12 April 2008 to 11 April 2010. Dated 7th April, 2008. D. P. LAWRIE Minister for Planning and Lands SCHEDULE Column 1 Column 2 Division members Division areas David John Hibbert Darwin Grant Ernest John Tambling Robert Lionel Dennis Katherine Graham Cole Stephen James Essex Ward Palmerston Robert Edward Lee Keith James Aitken Litchfield Richard Goodger Luxton Richard Goodger Luxton Batchelor Robert Edward Lee John Gerard McBride Alice Springs Elizabeth Anne Prell William Charles Boulter Tennant Creek Raymond Charles Wallis 9/17 Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2008 COMMENCEMENT NOTICE I, THOMAS IAN PAULING, Administrator of the Northern Territory of Australia, under section 2 of the Justice Legislation Amendment Act 2008, fix 1 May 2008 as the date on which the remaining provisions of that Act (No. 2 of 2008) commence. Dated 22nd April, 2008. T. I. PAULING Administrator 10/17 Police Administration Act SALE OF GOODS Notice is hereby given that pursuant to section 166 of the Police Administration Act, the following property as shown on the attached Schedule has come into the possession of the Officer in Charge, Police Station, Katherine. If after twenty-eight (28) days from the publication of this notice the property remains unclaimed, that property will be sold or otherwise disposed of in a manner as determined by the Commissioner of Police. Dated 22nd April, 2008. S. HEYWORTH Superintendant Northern Division