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The Northern Territory news Sat 6 Nov 2010

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, November 6, 2010. NT NEWS. 33 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:6-NGE:33 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Speak Up: Should students be given detention for refusing to jump in freezing 23C water? YES. I dont think thewaterwas too cold. Its part of their schoolwork andmay make them learn for next time. GEMMABRIEFFIES,Virginia NO.Thewaterwas bloodywarm, but detention?No. Thats crazy. MIKEPAUL,DarwinCity NO. Its not fair. If they didntwant to swim, theyhave a right, but the students should havenotified the teachers if they didntwant to swim. MATTHEWAUSTRAL,TheNarrows NO.Cant force a child to do something. It needs to be a learning experience. DAMIENROGERS,Parap NO.Because if its too cold to swim, then its too cold to swim BRYANLACOMBE,DarwinCity 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Men are acting likewomen andwomen are acting likemen.Women should learn to get back in the kitchen. Dave, Nakara ONPOLITICS Julia n her party doin great job destroyin this country wit no1 elses help So Lindsay Fox claims that higher pay for polititions would attract more talent? If that meant buffoons like Joe Hockey and Dave Tolner wouldnt get elected, Im all for it!Nick, St Park .45% Commonwealth Bank would have to be the scum of the earth. What does Wayne Swan say? Dont do it or Ill say Dont do it again. Gutless to the core. Bring on Joe Hockey! Natasha made 3 promises, save RAAF suburb, save the harbour and deliver the PET scanner. I will wait to see the progress before I vote for her again! Jeff, Moil Come clean Natasha. You lied toWinellie shop owners. ONDINGOES Re text message on dingo at robbo barracks gate. Has been there for years and known by all at base. Leave the poor thing alone you bloody whinger. Find something worth complaining about. From Member of RobboBase 2 the a***hole wildman finger. leave the dingo at robbo. he dont hurt no1. Fan of theDingo Hey fingers, your a tool. thats a german shepard at robo not a dingo. u wouldnt know a dingo if it stole your baby. go back down south with the other tossers. Circ Saw (Fingers Remover) ONDOGS To the people who let their dogs run free, they should be shot cause its people like you who cause dog attacks. Cant control your dog, dont deserve to have one. Puppystomper, Bees Creek To the coward who hit the puppy with baseball bat in durack. He prob wont survive. Witness, durack. Grub, you obviously have no idea about pitbulls so unless you own 1 keep your uneducted opinions to yourself.Gav Well said Cheeky b. We have a very big human problem, not a dog problem. Ive never met a dog that i didnt like. Certainly cant say that about people. ONOTHERTHINGS To all those people crying at interest rates, you shud off been around when hawke was PM, he had us up to 26%, so be happy with what you have at themoment. Sando Re: surviving child abuse 3/11/10. dear Mr Bahnert, dont own a computer. please tell me where to buy a knot for this worthy cause. Living with a surviver Re: cold comfort for kids, NT News 5/11. I just hope Australia never has to rely on this generation in a time of need.Brian, Darwin What goes up and doesnt come down? NT fuel prices Taxi from cbd to malak via nightcliff and moil. first stop $27, next stop $32, my stop $36. a total of $95 was paid when the meter read $35.90! What a rip off! We share cabs to save money! Why didnt it cost us $12 each? He nearly kicked me out when i queried it. Is this right?KM,Malak What sort of corporate stupidity decrees Telstra wont let me have a Tbox because there arent enough digits in my account number? Rob, Livingstone Mitchell centre car park security guards charging $40 for parking all day after gates open in morning! Rorting at its best! MISLEADING INFORMATION YOUR article suggesting police tamper with freedom of the press (NT News, November 4) is misleading and fails to address the real issue. NT Police have not launched a witch-hunt, they are conducting a legitimate investigation into a formal complaint a police officer illegally disclosed confidential information to NT News journalist Justin OBrien. Territorians have a right to expect anything seen or heard inside their premises will stay confidential unless it becomes evidence in a court of law. They do not expect that certain parts of an interview conducted by police will be illegally released to a journalist. In his article on October 21, 2010, OBrien told NT News readers a police officer had given him information on the condition of anonymity. If that is true, the police officer acted illegally. NT Police have clear guidelines on how information is released to the public. Police are encouraged to interact with media but this does not extend to confidential information or material that may compromise an investigation. If the NT News has concerns about the legitimacy of police conduct it should contact the NT Ombudsman and lodge a complaint. JohnMcRoberts APM Commissioner of Police THANKSFOR NOTHING,MINISTER MY NAME is Eddie Taylor. I am a past chairman of NT Aboriginal Justice Advocacy Committee (AJAC). I held the position for five years as well as being on the national body about the same time. I am very upset with Minister Gerry McCarthy who now is the NT Government Minister for Correc tions. He has been there for five minutes and has not consulted the public in general but has changed something that was working, such as visits to the prison by parents to help settle and help rehabilitate during the week as well as family that live in the communities could visit when they could get to town. All this has been thrown out the window. Thanks Gerry for nothing. Can the Minister tell the public what programs they run in the prison? Be very careful how you answer this Minister I have family in prison and they are struggling with problems as they are not receiving any help. There was an agreement signed by a past Minister John Ah Kit that Government would work with Aboriginal communities on any changes made to the rehabilitation to inmates. Why is this not happening? Eddie Taylor Former chairmanAJACNT HAMMEREDBY EXIT FEES WHEN is government going to stop banks from charging enormous exit loan fees? If we could afford to shop around for the best deal without getting hammered by unaffordable exit fees, it would create more competition and make money grabbing banks and overpaid CEOs and board members think twice about upping interest rates. Anne, Stuart Park TOUGHENUP AUSTRALIA CAN the Labor Government please explain why taxpayers are paying $300 per person per day for illegal immigrants to be housed behind the Airport Resort. A reliable source claims there are 250 people living there. This is a total waste once again of taxpayers money and I, as a small business owner, would like to hold the government accountable and demand a break-up of cost for this unbelievable amount. I call on all Territorians to say enough is enough. Stop throwing our money away and start spending it on more housing, education and hospitals for our own community. Toughen up Australia, stand up for your own needs before it is too late. Christine Jensen, Northlakes NAMETHEPEOPLE CONCERNED IN the NT News, November 3, there are ads by the National Native Title Tribunal for applications for determination of native title, over 21 pastoral properties in the NT, across Victoria-Daly, Barkly and Roper Gulf shires. All up, these claims total just under 60,000 sq km. Not bad, considering 50 per cent of the NT is already under Aboriginal ownership. I notice also that the claimants are not named. The NLC, which I understand is behind these claims, has just used the name of the station/pastoral lease as the applicants name, rather than naming the individual or group who are actually helping the lawyers with these claims. I think those people or groups who are actually claiming these huge parcels of land should be named. I expect there is a limit to how much land can be taken out of the pastoral industrys hands before the industry collapses, therefore I believe these claims should be very closely examined, before being rejected. The LoneRanger, Darwin JUNES CRITICISM IS JUSTIFIED I WAS surprised to read a letter on November 3, from June Tapp which was not on the subject of child welfare (NTs shameful record, NT News). But, then again, her criticism of the Think booze campaign is justified, and has direct relation to violence against children. Well done, June. HowardYoung, Tiwi Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Teaching of theworst kind OVER 800 animals die due to alleged neglect by Charles Darwin University. The matter is investigated and, due to an administrative bungle, no action was taken and no charges were laid? My children and I were very upset by the news, seeing the footage of the starving and dead animals. The image of the two dead calves huddled together is not something I will forget in a hurry. Someone needs to be held accountable. How can the University allow this to hap pen? More importantly, how can we be assured that it will not happen again? Where is the process that we have in place to protect the most vulnerable animals against such cruelty and neglect? I am really ashamed of what I have seen and heard in this case. The University, which ran the station as a place of learning, is teaching what to our students? Serious action needs to be taken. Nameand address withheld The Roulettes turned it on over Darwin on Thursday in their last in a series of Northern Territory shows Picture: JUSTIN SANSON PICK OF THE PICS

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