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36 NT NEWS. Saturday, November 6, 2010. www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 6 -N O V -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 3 6 C O L O R : C M Y K The accidental Aussie actress Morgana Davies SYDNEY: Morgana Davies thinks its cool to be the youngest person ever nominated for an AFI Award for Best Actress, but has yet to decide whether or not she wants to turn her precocious talent into a full-blown career. The eight-year-old Balmain Public School student was in class last week when Cate Blanchett read out her name alongside seasoned performers Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom), Abbie Cornish (Bright Star) and Charlotte Gainsbourg the French actress who stars opposite Morgana in The Tree, an Australian-French production that closed this years Cannes festival. We have to prioritise, said her mother Elaine. She is about to miss three weeks of school to film The Hunter (a psychological thriller in Tasmania). Morgana was very, very excited when she was told she was nomi nated in two categories she is also up for the AFI Young Actor Award. The primary school student hadnt so much as taken a drama class when she landed the key role of Gainsbourgs daughter in The Tree At that point, the sum total of her experience was a couple of speeches at school assembly. Morgana discovered acting after her mother saw a note in the school newsletter about auditions for another Aussie feature, Lou. I thought it would be a fun thing the two of us could do together, said Elaine. I misjudged the intensity and the importance of it. And I certainly misjudged her. Morgana still hasnt decided what she wants to be when she grows up. Rock star and scientist are two options. The awards are on Saturday, December 11. 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Booking and Material Deadline November 10. Contact the Signature Living team today: Hejira Convery 8944 9876 Joelle Appleby 8944 9804 Email signatureliving@ntnews.com.au SIGNATURELIVING.COM.AU PROPERTY LIFESTYLE HOME BE SEEN THIS CHRISTMAS James Bond to bare all LONDON: A painting said to depict Sean Connery posing for an art class wearing only a G-string could go on public display, relatives of the artist who created the work say. Robert Webster painted the actor in 1951 as a student at the Edinburgh College of Art. Webster died last month at the age of 83. His relatives want to stage an exhibition of around 50 paintings that Webster created between around 1945 and 1967. A family member said some paintings could be sold as there were too many to keep. Awild ride that misses the target Emily Blunt in a scene from Wild Target REVIEW By CHRISTY LEMIRE Worst of all,Wild Target is never funny. Not. One. Time WILD Target takes aim at various styles and genres and misses the mark every time. Ostensibly, its intended to be a comedy a remake of a 1993 French farce, to be specific. But its tonally off from the first moments and never recovers, never finds a comfortable, natural groove. Director Jonathan Lynn, whose hit-and-miss filmography includes My Cousin Vinny, Clue and Nuns on the Run, strains at screwball laughs with zany, over-the-top musical cues. The dark humour falls flat, the romance is completely implausible and the heartwarming, life-affirming ending is glaringly out of place. Worst of all, Wild Target is never funny. Not. One. Time. Its also a waste of a solid cast, led by Bill Nighy and Emily Blunt and featuring Eileen Atkins and Rupert Everett. Another Rupert Grint, Ron of the Harry Potter movies is all grown-up here, but has no real purpose; hes just along for the would-be madcap ride. Nighy stars as Victor Maynard, a fastidious British assassin who lives alone, carrying on the family business of killing at the urging of his demanding mother (Atkins). His latest target is Rose (Blunt), a bohemian con artist who has crossed a crime boss and art collector (Everett) by trying to sell him a fake. But once Victor starts following her and watching the effortless way she steals from and deceives everyone she meets, hes smitten and cant do the job. And who could blame him? Soon after they meet, she squats to pee in a parking garage because shes nervous that someones out to get her. Thats the idea of edgy humour in Wild Target. Instead, Victor and Rose end up on the run together with Grints slacker character, Tony, in tow because ... well, because he crosses paths with them and Victor needs an ap prentice because the script calls for one. Only Tony and Rose dont realise theyre hiding out with an assassin; they think Victor is an undercover detective. And so the bodies pile up as they scurry about London, and once they head out to Victors home in the country, they forge an awkward, constantly changing threesome. Finally, Rose falls for Victor, and eventually the two are pro fessing their love for each other at gunpoint. In French. Wild Target opens in Australian cinemas onNovember 11. e r1 9 0 6 1 6