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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G7


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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


no. G7, 19 February 1997

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The Northern Territory Government Gazette /'>10. G7. 19 February 1997 Page 3 The adjoining owners are: I. Section 644, Hundred of Cavenagh Vacant Crown land 2. Section 2474. Hundred of Cavenagh Chris Nathanael PO Box 521 Humpty 000 NT 0836 3. Section 705. Hundred ofCavenagh Vacant Crown Land NOTE: Survey Plan S96i274A may be inspected at the office of the Surveyor-General. Nichols Place, Darwin. Under section 20 of the Act, a person may at any time within 28 days from and including the date of publication of this notice in the Gazette or local newspaper, whichever is the later, object to the proposal by serving notice, stating the grounds for objections, on the Minister, either personally or by post. Objections may be lodged with the Minister for Land." Planning and Environment. GPO Box 1680, Darwin NT 080 l. sn Health Practitioners and Allied Professionals Registration Act APPOINTMENT OF MEMBER OF CHIROPRACTORS AND OSTEOPATHS REGISTRATION BOARD I, DENIS GABRIEL BURKE. the Minister for Health Services, in pursuance of section 6(lA)(b)(i) of the Health Pructitioners and Allied Professionals Registration Act. appoint Christopher Jon Han to be a member of the Chiropractors and Osteopaths Registration Board established by section 5(1) of the Act. Dated 5th February, 1996. D. G. BURKE Minister for Health Services Planning Act PALYIERSTON TOW!' PLAN 1982 (AMENDMENT NO. 76) I. MICHAEL ANTHONY REED, the Minister for Lands, Planning and Environment, in pursuance of section 24(2) of the Planning Act, amend the Palmers ton Town Plan 1982, as in force before the commencement of this control plan amendment, as specifIed in the Schedule. Dated 6th February. 1997. M.A. REED Minister for Lands, Planning and Environment SCHEDULE 1. CITATION This control plan amendment may be cited as the Palmerston Town Plan 1982 (Amendment No. 76). 2. DEFINITIONS In this control plan amendment "amending map" means the map signed by the Minister for Lands. Planning and Environment and marked "Palmerston Town Plan (1982) (Amendment No. 76)" deposited in the office of the Department of Lands, Planning and Environment. Darwin; and "zoning map" means the zoning map within the meaning of the Palmerston Town Plan 1982. as in force immediately before the commencement of this control plan amendment. 3. AMENDMENT OF ZONING The zoning map is amended to the extent of its inconsistency with the amending map in respect of the area of land bounded by thick black Jines and lettered "D2" on the amending map. being pan of Lot 4635 University Avenue. Town of Palmerston. Noxious Weeds Act DECLARATlO:-l OF NOXIOUS WEEDS I, MICHAEL JAMES PAL::VlER, the Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries. in pursuance of section 5( I} of the Noxious Weeds Act, declare all plants of the genus Cabomba (aquatic plants commonly known as Fanworts) (a) with reference to section 5(2) of the Act, to be Class A noxious weeds; and (b) with reference to section 5(4) of the Act, to be Class C noxious weeds. Dated 9th February, 1996. sn M.J. PALMER Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries Companies (Northern Territory) Code ADVERTISEMENT OF SUMMONS FOR WINDING UP (RULE 29) RE: KOREX (NT) PTY LTD ACN 062 628 782 of Suite 6, Confederation House, 2 Shepherd Street, Darwin NT 0800 DAVID HUNT BARRY of215 Way Woy Road, Horsfield Bay NSW 2256 has brought a Summons inAction No. 20 of 1997 (9703137) in the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory of Australia at Darwin seeking the winding up of NOREX (NT) PTY LTD. The Summons is listed for hearing on the 13th day of March 1997 at not before 9.30 am, Any creditor or contributory of NOREX (NT) PTY LTD wishing to be heard on the Summons must file and serve a notice in accordance with Rule 32 of the Supreme Court (Companies) Rules at least 3 business days before the day on which the Summons is listed for hearing and must attend at the Supreme Court Darwin at the time set for the hearing of the Summons, A copy of the Summons and the affidavit in support can be obtained on payment of the proper costs from Messrs Clayton Utz, Solicitors & Attomeys, 51~53 Smith Street, Darwin NT 0800. This advertisement is inserted by Margaret Michaels of Clayton Utz. Solicitors & Attorneys, 51-53 Smith Street, Darwin NT 0800. Solicitors for the Plaintiff. 9n Museums and Art Galleries Act APPOINTME:-;T OF MEMBER OF MUSEUMS A:-;D ART GALLERIES BOARD I, DARYL WILLIAM MA::\ZIE. the Minister for the Ans and Museums. in pursuance of section 8( 1) of the Museums and Art Galleries Act. appoint Anthony Richard Mayell to be a member of the Museums and Art Galleries Board. Dated 12th February, 1997, IOn D. W. MA!'ZIE Minister for the Arts and :vluseums