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May 20022 Page 7 Bits and PiecesBits and Pieces World Environment Day Spaghetti Western Fun, Film and Food night Tuesday 4 June In keeping with the tradition started last year, ECNT invites you to a Spaghetti Western fundraising night. On the eve of World Environment Day, celebrate with us at the Deckchair Cinema from 6.30 for food and good company, followed by a screening of A Fistful of Dynamite directed by Sergio Leone, 1972. This classic is set in Mexico during the Revolution with music by Ennio Morricone. Tofu burgers, sausages and salad will be on sale and the bar will be open. This is also a chance to catch up on the latest news about our current campaigns. We will be contacting volunteers for help on the night, but we would love to hear from anyone who wants to help out, so give us a ring. -Di Koser Can you help?? Do you have any quality photos of our local whales or dolphins...Are you prepared to lease or donate them for a marine fauna poster project? The term Gunumitjinda Mija (saltwater friend) originates from the Larrakia Language. It is also the name of a website, and title for a series of marine fauna posters. A yet to be completed project, that will hopefully culminate in a local marine park and museum display. Continued and rapid habitat decline, on a global scale, inevitably threatens the long term survival of many native plants and animals. The high costs involved, and difficulty in tracking the seasonal movements of the whales and dolphins that migrate past our shores, means that most of them are poorly studied. Even here we do not know exactly what their minimum habitat requirements are. The more permanent local populations, such as Bottlenose and Irrawaddy Dolphins, almost certainly rely on our sheltered harbours, bays and mangrove lined estuaries for their complete life cycles. We have a major responsibility, on an international level, to protect and conserve their remaining habitats here..it may well be their last stronghold! For more details about this project visit www.ecnt.org.au and go to whats new. If you can help email: resources@larrakia.com, or phone 8948 2277 - leave a message for Donna. - Donna Jackson Territorians concerned about global warming first national survey released There has been a marked increase in public concern about global warming, with Australians refusing to believe the "climate sceptics" who say the greenhouse effect is not real. A national social research report into community attitudes about global warming was undertaken by international research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres. The report was commissioned by the Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) of which the Environment Centre is a member. The report includes a state-by-state breakdown of responses. Key findings for the Northern Territory are: 80% of Territorians believe that global warming is mostly a result of humans producing greenhouse gases, rather than it being just part of a natural cycle that the earth goes through. 63% of Territorians said Australia should accept refugees from Pacific islands that have been adversely affected by global warming 90% of Territorians believe that the government should build and subsidise companies to build solar and wind power stations to provide more electricity As readers will know, the Federal Government has taken an appalling stance internationally by supporting the US in abandoning the Kyoto Protocol. The NT Government continues to support proposals, such as the Phillips LNG facility, that will see the NTs greenhouse emissions increase astronomically. The findings of this report make it very clear that such positions are out of step with community attitudes. Once again, the leadership is coming from the people and it is time for Governments to take heed and act. Free plastic bags go the way of the free lunch London: The last free plastic bag has been handed out in Ireland. From yesterday, shoppers have to pay 15 (A25) at supermarket checkouts and stores for each one used. The plastic shopping bag levy, known in the republic as the plastax, has been introduced to combat the problem of discarded bags, which litter the countryside, clog drains and add to the mountains of waste engulfing the country's landfill sites. The Environment Minister, Noel Dempsey, has led the campaign, condemning "our insatiable use of free plastic bags". He is convinced the levy will encourage shoppers to recycle bags. The average Irish shopper uses 342 plastic bags a year, according to a recent study. Cash raised will be used to set up a green fund for schemes benefiting the country's environment. The regulations have not been universally welcomed. A sceptical Irish Times columnist predicted smuggling of bags from Northern Ireland.