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The Northern Territory news Thu 30 Sep 2010

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14 NT NEWS. Thursday, September 30, 2010. www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 3 0 -S E P -2 0 1 0 P A G E : 1 4 C O L O R : C M Y K On this day IN THE TERRITORY 10 YEARS AGO: Darwin was the only capital city to experience a drop in average house prices for the June quarter, Real Estate Institute of Australia figures showed yesterday. 20 YEARS AGO: A Darwin lord mayoral election candidate has accused the ABC of bias in its coverage of the campaign. Peter Tibbits said he was considering making a complaint. 25 YEARS AGO: The Ooloo Crossing area could become the site of a new rural town. NT Lands Department surveyors are investigating the site. Letters to the editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters toGPOBox 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NTNews, GPOBox 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 Letters Palmerston is a great place to live, but the services available for disabled people are very poor. SEE ROBERTS LETTER BELOW NOTAGAINST, BUT NOTNECESSARILY FOR YOUR editorial regarding the Inpex gas plant on September 27 (Inpex project still a goer) said environmentalists have opposed every economic development in the Territory in living memory. This is untrue. The Environment Centre NT represents its members as well as echoes the views of many Territorians with wellargued and informed concerns about Inpex, including businessmen, underwater explosives experts, tourism operators, parents, residents and aldermen. We have not opposed outright the gas plant. We analysed Inpexs plans methodically and recommended four key changes that would greatly reduce its impacts: avoid blasting Walker Shoal and move the shipping channel to protect marine wildlife; reduce dredging volumes by building a longer wharf; offset all carbon pollution by funding land management in the Territory; set up a $400m biodiversity compensation fund in recognition of the impacts of land clearing on Middle Arm. Just as the NT News reported on Inpexs outrageous use of studies of blasting on live monkeys held underwater, we have legitimately stated Inpexs blasting plans are unacceptable. Stuart Blanch, Co-ordinator, Environment CentreNT, MISPLACEDSYMPATHY FORSELF-RIGHTEOUS AS I read Greg Mills letter responding to the Angry Scribe (Check who wrote the letter first, NT News, September 27) I started to have sympathy for him as a victim of mistaken identity. That was until I reached the paragraph in which he states: Euthanasia is an attack on the sanctity of life. Given that, I cannot support its practice. I understand that there are others who do not value life as highly. What a sanctimonious, self-righteous statement! Perhaps, Mills might like to explain his position to someone who has watched a loved one waste away to a third of his body weight, gasping for air through wasted lungs, unable to eat, drink, perform normal bodily functions, and unable to recognise his closest family. And, please, Mr Mills, do not give me that god moves in mysterious ways mantra so readily quoted by the intolerant religious. B Cook, Darwin TAXI SERVICES FAIL CUSTOMERSAGAIN I WORK in a pub in Palmerston and on September 18 I was organising a taxi for a customer with a motorised wheelchair. I called the first company only to be told their vehicle was off the road for a few days getting repairs, which was fair enough. The operator gave me a number for another company, so I called them only to be told the customer would have to wait up to three hours and I should call the first company. I explained the first company did not have a taxi, and said it was not good enough. She said she was happy to give me a third number. I said I wasnt happy being passed on from one company to another. She said there was nothing she could do. I called the third company and they said a taxi would be there in 20 minutes. I had the same problem the next night when the same customer was at the pub and required a taxi. Again I was told by three companies that no taxis to cater for disabled passengers were available. One company said they had one, but the driver signed off 30 minutes ago and the passenger should have booked him. Does this mean the customer should end his night early because the only available taxi was going home? I think Palmerston is a great place to live, but the services available for disabled people are very poor. Robert Dadleh, Darwin DIYPOLLPROVIDES INTERESTINGRESULTS WE constantly hear the results of surveys, but Ive never been asked my opinion on items of national interest. So I decided to conduct my own poll on the subject of voluntary euthanasia. I reckoned a sample of 20 people in the vicinity of the local post office ought to give a good indication of popular opinion. Here are the results from the question: Do you approve or not approve of voluntary euthanasia? 1. What is youth and Asia? (1) 2. What? Are you some kind of nut? or similar. (2) 3. Buggered if I know, or similar. (3) 4. Doesnt bother me. (2) 5. No bastards going to knock me off. (1) 6. I suppose so. (1) 7. Yes. (3) 8. No. (4) 9. You got nothing better to do? or similar. (2) 10. Leave me alone. (1) Analysis: No real comment, 30 per cent; Dont care, 25 per cent; Yes: 20 per cent; No, 25 per cent. If was good fun. Have a go. DesNelson, Alice Springs STICKWITH LEAVE NAMEANDNUMBER IT MAY amuse someones friends to hear the fun message theyve downloaded to be played when they are unable to answer their mobile. But it has two less funny sides. It probably does not impress anyone trying to contact the phone owner for business reasons and it also usually costs the caller money to wait for a chance to actually leave a message. Disgruntled Caller BRINGONREPLAYFOR SOMEENTERTAINMENT NEITHER team deserved to win and I dont think Lenny Hayes was a point above Nick Maxwell, so the Norm Smith should have been a draw. I am stoked about a replay because even a fizzer will outshine the run and throw of Channel 9. BillyMoir, Darwin THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 War on louts a good move THE crackdown on loutish behaviour in Darwins entertainment strip should be welcomed. A new NT Government law allowing police to ban troublemakers from the city centre for 48 hours and hand out $133 infringement notices will be enforced from tomorrow night. Two days doesnt seem much of a punishment for the worst offenders, but courts can impose bans of up to a year. Police officers will also be allowed to enter licensed premises without permission, a right they should have been given decades ago. Enforcing the bans wont be easy. There will be no high-tech just old-fashioned street policing. Officers and bar staff will have to remember the faces of offenders, although they will have CCTV footage as back-up. Bans will also be enforced in Palmerston, Alice Springs, Katherine and Tennant Creek soon. This is a sound initiative and it should be noted that the move has the full support of the hotel industry. But is it enough? The Governments Licensing Commission should also look at opening hours. One of the major problems is that young people are often drunk or drugged or both before going out at night. And then rage on until four in the morning. Hoteliers would probably resist a reduction in operating hours. But the industry has an obligation to the community as well as its bottom line. ... and another thing NOT surprisingly, many Territorians are asking why a drunk who attacked two police officers and a police horse wasnt jailed. Surely, assaulting on-duty police is an imprisonable offence, except in the most unusual circumstances. Police do a tough job and must be given full protection by the courts. Email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au Text: 0428 NTNEWS Fax: 08 8981 6045 Letters: PO Box 1300, Darwin NT 0801 VOTE LAST WEEKS VOTE Your Say Should NT ! shos have to pay boat registration? To cast your vote go to www.ntnews.com.au Should the NT bring back its voluntary euthanasia laws? Yes 83% No 17% The Fixer WHAT:Nine street lights between Smith St Mall and StMarys School are not working. Dont they care for the safety of residents? says a reader. WHOSRESPONSIBLE: Power andWater. CONTACT:8985 8568. DOYOUknowof something in the Territory that needs fixing? Give The Fixer a call on8944 9724

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