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February 2008 report to the Legislative Assembly



February 2008 report to the Legislative Assembly


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18 Auditor-General for the Northern Territory February 2008 Report Analysis of the Treasurers Annual Financial Statement cont Northern Territory Government and Public Authorities Employees Superannuation Fund Northern Territory Grants Commission Northern Territory Land Corporation Northern Territory Police Supplementary Benefit Scheme Public Trustee Common Funds Surveyors Board of the Northern Territory of Australia While the TAFS excludes superannuation schemes, as noted above, on the grounds that the schemes themselves are neither controlled by the Government nor are their assets available to the Government, it does include the unfunded superannuation liabilities of the Government. Most assets and liabilities of the public sector that can be said to be controlled by the Northern Territory Government have been included as part of the TAFS. However, some assets and liabilities of Territory schools, and some heritage or cultural assets have not been included either because reliable information was not available or because reliable measurement was not possible. This is an area where it is expected that information will be incorporated progressively into TAFS as systems are developed or improved, or where better information becomes available. Financial Reports Prepared as part of the Uniform Presentation Framework The financial statements that are required to be prepared under the UPF comprise: operating statement; balance sheet; and cash flow statement. These statements incorporate a number of measures of financial performance and financial position as outlined below. Net Operating Balance a measure of financial performance calculated as the excess of revenues over expenses. The net operating balance is a measure of the sustainability of a government.