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The Diary : newsletter of the Strehlow Research Centre


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David Lloyd and Diana Leeder Acting Research Director David Lloyd and I left the SRC on a windy Friday morning and headed out to Ipolera to make an audio recording of the talk that Mavis Malbunka presented at the 2002 Strehlow Conference. Mavis is a western Arrernte traditional owner who spoke at the conference about her peoples relationship with Carl and Ted Strehlow and the importance of the genealogical records held at the SRC. Maviss presentation was from memory and she didnt have a written version to submit for publication. I had initially arranged with Mavis for her to come into the SRC to record her talk however things kept cropping up so it was decided after a couple of phone calls that I would go to Ipolera. The wind had picked up early and by the time we reached Ipolera 50 kms west of Hermannsberg it was blowing hard. When we arrived, the entire community was deserted, we drove around for five minutes or so wondering if we would find Mavis when a white troopy pulled up and she jumped out. As the wind was so strong, we decided to make the recording in a shed that functions as the community pre-school/ childcare centre. We sat down on some very small chairs around a table while the wind blew, making the sheds tin roof rattle. I set up the mini-disk player and a backup tape recorder and we settled down and listened to Maviss talk. After she had finished I checked the recordings and luckily the mini-disk recording played back beautifully, but for some reason the tape recorder hadnt picked up anything - a lesson for future interviews. When we arrived back at the SRC I transcribed Maviss talk which will be included in the Conference proceedings. German) words were being used until he began the process of translating the letters and was stumped by some unfamiliar words that initially appeared to be Arrernte. The spelling of some of these words is very approximate, for instance Albrecht was spelled in nine different ways and never spelled correctly. In total there are 61 English words in the collected correspondence and they show a remarkable degree of creativity. Gary Stoll has finished translating a series of letters written in Arrernte by various people in the Hermannsberg region. Most of the letters were written by Aboriginal people from Hermannsberg to Pastor F.W. Albrecht and some written by him to them. A few letters were written by Aboriginal men to members of the Lutheran Church in South Australia. All were written in Arrernte between 1930 and 1935. Gary didnt realise some English (and a couple of Below is an excerpt of some of the words that Garry has listed: Albrecht- Albretekt, Albrecth, Helbrekt, Helbbrekt Alice Springs- Alles breng About one mile- Bat one mail Beautiful- Jutbul Cartridge- Kap (cap in a cartridge) Gun Packet- Kana Bagita Thankyou- Tanju Very much- Brematj Trip to Ipolera Mavis Malbunka A letter written in Arrernte to Pastor F.W. Albrecht fascinating environment to work in David said, not only have I learnt a lot about Strehlow but also about Indigenous culture. Diana Leeder has been the Executive Director of the DCDSCA since July 2003. She was previously working for the Darwin City Council where she held the position of Director of Community Services. She brings to the position of DCDSCA Executive Director a strong background in library management, urban planning and community involvement. Diana recently flew to Alice Springs from Darwin as a guest of the Strehlow Research Centre to attend the SRC board meeting. As a personal interest, she is currently studying German literature through distance education. Acting Director Welcomes Executive Director There hasnt been a permenant Research Director for much of the year and David Lloyd has been Acting Research Director since July. He is also deputy director of the Araluen Centre and has been dividing his time between both positions until the new SRC Research Director is appointed. He has been doing a fantastic job of looking after the running of the SRC and also been involved in the recruitment process for the new Research Director. David has lived in Alice Springs most of his life and has been working at the Araluen Centre for many years. The SRC is an incredibly Page 3Volume 4, Issue 3 Tanju Brematj for the Jutbul Translation