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Technical annual report 2000-01



Technical annual report 2000-01


Dept. of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical annual report; Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical and annual report; Reports; PublicationNT; Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295




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Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295



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Technical Annual Report 2000/01 9 PROJECT: Gamba Grass Mapping Project Officer: B. Ross Location: Darwin and Katherine Regions Objective: To map the results of gamba grass surveys undertaken by Weeds Branch, Agriculture Branch, and Specialist Weed Control Pty Ltd. Project Period: 1999-2001 Background: In the last two years several groups have surveyed the occurrence of gamba grass along roadsides in parts of the Top End. Many individuals and organisations have expressed interest in the results of these surveys. This small project was undertaken using ArcView 3.1 to see if the various surveys could be reconciled and to provide a visual record of the gamba grass survey and control demonstration project. Progress: A poster of preliminary results was presented at the NARGIS'99 Conference. Progressive results of the 1998 and 1999 surveys were presented at workshops in October 1999 and March 2000. A limited repeat survey was carried out during 2001 and maps will be updated to reflect these results. PROJECT: Characteristics of Tropical Floodplain Grasses Project Officers: G. Hore and B. Ross Location: Darwin area Objective: To document growth and seed production of common native perennial floodplain grasses found in the Darwin region and provide a nursery of plant material for further research. Project Period: 2001-2004 Background: There is considerable interest in the potential use of native floodplain grasses for revegetation following the control of Mimosa pigra and for grazing as an alternative to establishing exotic grasses. For this to be possible, a ready supply of seed or vegetative planting material is necessary. Method: In December 2000, runners of Hymenachne acutigluma, Pseudoraphis spinescens and Leersia hexandra were collected in the field and transplanted on Paddock 1 at Berrimah Farm. Plants have been maintained throughout the year under drip irrigation. Seed of H. acutigluma is collected weekly. Seed of L. hexandra is collected opportunistically, while P. spinescens has not produced seed. All species continue to grow and spread vegetatively throughout the year.