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Technical annual report 2000-01



Technical annual report 2000-01


Dept. of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical annual report; Department of Regional Development, Primary Industry, Fisheries and Resources technical and annual report; Reports; PublicationNT; Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295




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Technical bulletin (Northern Territory. Dept. of Primary Industry and Fisheries) ; no. 295



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Technical Annual Report 2000/01 123 PROGRAM: Fruit Industry SUBPROGRAM: Mango PROJECT: Mango Varietal Trials (Evaluation of Mango Selections and Lines in the Katherine Region) Project Officers: J. Bright, S. McAlister and R. Renfree Location: KRS Objective: Develop and release new cultivars with potential in identified domestic and export markets. Expand the harvest season with cultivars maturing earlier and later than Kensington Pride. The final phase of the Monoembryonic seedling selection trial has been initiated. This trial involved the collection and planting out of 550 seedlings from Glenn trees growing at six different pollination distances from Kensington Pride trees. An explanation of this project has been published in previous Horticulture Division Technical Annual Reports under the project "Monoembryonic Seedling Selection". In January 1998, a number of mango trees were planted at Katherine Research Station as part of a number of sub-projects. These projects included: 1. Breeding sub-project - Crossing Kensington Pride with other mango cultivars including Irwin and Julie and evaluating the performance of the seedlings. Measurements are being taken to identify trees that produce fruit that have Kensington Pride flavour with less fibre but they must also have marketable size, colour and shape. 2. Optimum Tree Density sub-project - Determining the optimum tree density for evaluating breeding trials by examining how close mango seedlings can be planted without affecting seedling performance and assessment. 3. Juvenility sub-project - Examine whether cultivars that are quick to come into bearing as grafted trees pass on this characteristic to their progeny. An explanation of each of these sub projects was presented in the Horticulture Division Technical Annual Report 1997/98 under the titles: Use of the bouquet-method in mango breeding. High density planting for mango seedling evaluation. Use of Kensington Pride as a seed parent in mango breeding. Variation in the length of the juvenile period for mangoes derived from different seed parents. In 1998/99 several of the rootstock trees in the juvenility sub-project were grafted. Replants were carried out where plants had died. These sites will be treated as missing sites. Progress report: Monoembryonic Seedling Selection Sub-project Of the 550 original Glenn/Kensington Pride trees planted at Katherine Research Station as part of the project "Monoembryonic Seedling Selection", four have been chosen for further evaluation. These four trees were grafted on to Red Cross common rootstocks and will be compared with numerous cultivars that may have potential in the region. The cultivars were planted in May 2001. Selections of the monoembryonic seedlings